Believe it or not, we have been working on establishing the life of the tragic and glorious works Lister Jaguar VPP9 for more decades than we care to think about.

VPP9 is the car the great Archie Scott Brown was driving when he was killed at Spa in the first half of 1958.

The registration reappeared a few months later, and again with a different body it was the co-team car at Le Mans in 1959.  Was it all the same chassis though?

It had a chequered life after that, and ended up in Sydney where it was converted to Corvette V8 power.  By now its previous history was lost – and even the VPP9 plate on the rear meant nothing to people then.

It remained in Australia until the mid-2000s, but its full life has remained a puzzle.

Thanks to Chris Haigh in Sydney, former owner of a works prepared racing Mk1, we have been able to access images of the car never seen before – when it was drag raced with the Corvette engine.

Historically the images are priceless, and you will read in the coming edition how they fill a massive hole in the mysterious car’s long life.

It was raced in Australia and Europe by Brisbane owner Don Thallon, and with major success (above).

There are more important facts to it than I have explained here though, and more shots.

Don’t miss this edition because this is of major international importance.  The Lister Jaguar VPP9 is back in the UK by the way.

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