WHY JAGUAR MAGAZINE GIVES YOU MORE – AND IS ‘GOOD DIFFERENT’ – apologies to Aleksandr Orlov (meerkat …)

We might have published a long way from Warwickshire since 1984, but Jaguar Magazine is unlike any other Jaguar focussed publications. We were there often when it happened – and knew or know many of the marque’s legendary characters.

We also have a massive unique and historic image archive so what you see in the magazine you probably won’t have seen before.

As a good example, take these images of the genuinely legendary Lofty England. Our editor and his wife were very good friends him and his wife Doris. They were together regularly from the late 1970s in England, Austria and Australia.

These pics cover the span of his working life at pre-War Brooklands when he worked for Thai Price Bira, at Jaguar where he ran the Service Department and controlled the racing from the pits at Le Mans and elsewhere before becoming the Company CEO. They also show Lofty in Australia with an XK120, D-Type XKD510 and the John Goss racing XJ-S, and at home in beautiful Austria.

But this doesn’t even scratch the surface of our resources, and in our coming edition we have an exclusive feature on the lives of the two Cuban XK-SSs rescued back to England in the late 1980s – and their owners on the euphoric tropical island. You will also find how they escaped the secretive country.

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