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With Jaguar Heritage now restoring and selling original E-Types for around £500,000, surely it is just a matter of time before they turn their attention to another icon of the 60s – the Mk2.

If you want to get ahead of the pack we recommend you seriously consider this wonderful example which has never been damaged, never had rust and has a complete history.

It is the earliest Mk2 in existence, and is RHD 3.4 chassis #3.

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It’s perfectionist and Jaguar expert owner/restorer died unexpectedly, and his wife is selling the car.  Remarkably though, nobody has snapped up the opportunity yet.

Everything about the car is perfect and original – down to the generator.  Little differences on this handmade body have all been retained and it is ready to show or enjoy.

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It is even road registered with the original number!

I am happy to help put anyone onto this classic, and have documentation to go with it.  I can put them onto the owner to deal directly, and it can be purchased I know for under £70,000.  I have no financial interest in it but am keen to help.

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It would cost much more than that to restore any Mk2 and it would not be to this standard – let alone being 3.4 chassis #3.

E-mail me at les@www.jaguarmagazine.com and I can pass you on to the owner.

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This is one of those vehicles which in years to come people are going to say:  “Why didn’t you tell me about it – and it sold for only what?”

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