The enigmatic Briggs Cunningham achieved so much – when he could afford to do nothing!

That’s a good question! We know what the features will be – but how do you celebrate a huge milestone like this which has been 35 years in the making?

There will be some nostalgia, well know characters who have featured in that time and massive events headed by Jaguar’s win at Le Mans in 1988 – its first win as a factory effort since 1955.

Jan Lammers led the Jaguar victory parade under the flag at the end of the 24 hours that year, with the TWR Silk Cut team cars following in 4th and 16th places.

Then of course, there are the fabulous Jaguar of the road, racing, chassis and modern types.

Whatever we turn up, it is going to be big, but not self-congratulating! We want it to be entertaining and enlightening for readers.

I can promise thought I thought in 1984 when we began that we would have said everything in 20 editions and then be scratching for stories! Wrong – and that is because Jaguar is a living and breathing marque making modern history while celebrating its earlier times.

This image then is a little teaser – one of the nicest, most self-effacing and gracious huge achievers I have met and spent time with for Jaguar Magazine. Briggs Cunningham.

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