We have seen this works 1955 Long Nose Le Mans D-Type built for the Cunningham team – twice.  But we haven’t looked hard enough.

That’s even after our major feature on the great Briggs Cunningham in the current edition of Jaguar Magazine.

The rare Long Nose D-Types all had longer bonnets of course, but they also had much wider head rests and tail fins which distinguished them from the production cars.

jaguar 2

In our coming edition we highlight no less than three of the five Long Nose cars built in 1955, of which one was trashed (the Le Mans winner) by Jaguar, one was a reserve – and the other three all ended up in the US with Briggs Cunningham’s team.

You will see exclusive images of those three cars which were all rolled and badly damaged at one race meeting – on one weekend in 1956.

Two of those were later cut up by Jaguar Cars having been repaired by Cunningham, but Briggs kept his XKD507. However, what we didn’t know was that it was rebuilt with a production model headrest, to which was attached the distinctive Alfred Momo fin – Momo being the team’s chief engineer.

Later, the same Long Nose car was fitted with a passenger side door and also a convertible soft top roof by the Cunningham team.  It still has the door.

We missed all of that!


The stories of the lives of D-Types in particular goes on.  In our next edition you will see a set of colour images of a monstrous roll over of one car in 1956.