Le Mans 1954 and Jaguar’s backroom boys take a quick break. My how times have changed.

It is certainly no laughing matter, but I am sure we all need something else beside news on Corona Virus. We are happy to supply some of that.

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One of the unique stories I am working on now covers those always unsung heroes in the 1950s and early ’60s who engineered the factory C and D-Types plus other cars for private teams the factory supported including Cunningham, Lister and Ecurie Belge.

They prepared the cars at the factory, then crewed them at Le Mans, Reims, Goodwood and other iconic races.

Their names include Ted Brookes, Joe Sutton, John Lea, Les Botterill and Frank Rainbow – all quiet and highly skilled men who knew their station in life, but were those hallowed few at Jaguar Cars who were allowed to wear Jaguar’s white overalls!

Now Richard Hassan and Terry Rainbow (son of Frank and also an ex-Jaguar man) are working us to tell the story of the unsung few we have seen in period images, but didn’t know. They are the ones who created Jaguar’s hallowed 1950s racing history on the ground.

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