I have just arrived back in the office following two days when I was one of 14 fortunate journalists able to learn about, and drive, most variations of the exciting new E-Pace.  I covered around around 500 kilometres in a massive variety of conditions, some very demanding.

I believe E-Pace is destined to be the most sought after model in the Jaguar line-up – for very good reason.

Jaguar has quickly moved from being a regular four-door saloon manufacturer with a sports car range, into being a manufacturer which thrives on the most popular type of car in the world – the SUV.

You will get the full story in our coming magazine because we have held edition #192 back to include E-Pace.

Let me tell quickly though that the model is, in my opinion, a very clever mixture of F-Type and XE – meaning it handles like a sports car, performs like a sports car – that its even better when you engage different settings – and is fabulously balanced like an XE saloon.

It is luxurious, about the right size for most people, looks very handsome and extremely well priced!

There.  I have probably given too much away here, but the main story off the two days, and driving impressions will fill all of pages we have set aside for this feature.

Oh, yes, the photos show it off to advantage too!

You are going to see many of E-Paces on the road in a short time.

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