It is not any exaggeration to say that for me at least, yesterday the world shifted just a little on its very stable axis.  It was the day I first drove the highly acclaimed new all electrically powered Jaguar I-Pace.

Call it an SUV, or sports car or four door saloon – it is easily and capably all of those things.

It was the first all-electric car I had driven, and I was unsure what it would feel like behind the wheel.  Would it be sterile, something like a slot car with no feel?

Well, I promise it is the complete opposite.

Most of all, it is a real Jaguar where the hallowed Pace Space and Grace theme is totally adhered to.  It is extremely fast, very responsive and totally luxurious.

We will have a huge cover story on the newest and most revolutionary Jaguar ever, in our next edition.

Stand up and feel very proud that Jaguar is the first vehicle manufacturer in the world to put an all-electically driven vehicle onto the market – anywhere in the entire world.  And they have got it very right.

The revolution here here and now.

If you are reading this in Australia, this information is relevant to you.

Aided by regenerative braking, claimed WLPT driving range is 470km and the I-PACE can be charged to 80 per cent via a 7kW AC wallbox ($2280) in 10 hours (at the rate of 35km per hour, or three times faster than a domestic power outlet), or via a maximum 100kW DC fast-charger in 40 minutes (at the rate of 100km per 15 minutes).

Jaguar says that at an electricity price of 30 cents/kWh, the I-PACE will average $5.70 per 100km, equating to a $1500 annual saving over an equivalent conventional SUV.

Jaguar Australia has committed to installing more than 150 fast-chargers nationally, including at its 45 dealerships, at a cost of around $4 million.

All local I-PACE buyers will a three-year subscription to the Jaguar’s new charging network, which is being installed by JET Charge using its Chargefox system, and all vehicles feature an on-board 7kW single-phase charger and a multi-function 32A Mode 2 universal charging cable.

The I-PACE battery has an eight-year, 160,000km warranty and the vehicle itself by a five-year/200,000km warranty including roadside assist – two years and 100,000km more than any other Jaguar.

Over-the-air software updates are also part of the deal, as is the Jaguar InControl Remote app allowing pre-cooling, un/locking, timed charging, eco mode and EV navigation.

How much is the 2019 Jaguar I-PACE? in Australia?

S – $119,000

SE – $130,200

HSE – $140,800

First Edition – $159,700

* All prices exclude on-road costs

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