We have an unashamed passion for XJ-Cs, and it is one of the few models for which prototypes, built two and half years before the model went on sale, exist.

We have the full records on each of those cars, and they keep turning up – not often in brilliant condition it needs to be said.

The latest find came to attention abandoned in a paddock, but it is the real deal with an interesting history, and appears to be complete and totally original.

The car is LHD 4.2 litre manual overdrive XJ-C chassis #2.

It was completed on March 3, 1973 using hand-built body #6. Like many others of the first XJ-Cs, it was converted to RHD by Jaguar for use by its executives.

It was and is Greensand with narrow pleated leather trim in Olive. Its conversion happened in April 1974, after which it was loaned to Roger Bell at Thoroughbred and Classic Car for his use.

Jaguar’s Engineering Director Jim Randle was allocated the car on May 20, 1974.

Now the sad but saveable car is for sale in the UK by Barons and we would encourage anyone to consider it. You don’t get surviving prototypes any more for obvious reasons.

Let’s not lose this one.

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