Jaguar has been stated that it will beat future competitors to market with its ~220 mile (90 kWh), all-electric I-Pace…and today’s spyshots show a production-intent version of the CUV in Europe that underline Jag’s commitment is real.

The I-Pace debuted just a few months ago from the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The production prototype we spot on the road today is very similar to the original concept; which isn’t surprising, as Jaguar stated the original show car  would be near identical in form and funtion to the production version.


Featuring a unique camouflage wrap, the I-Pace was caught testing in the UK this week.

Subtle changes include a slightly less aggressive front look, more “reality friendly” wheels, as well as a more manageable side glass design, and side support pillars.  While the fairly unique door handle design seems to be mostly retained.

About the i-Pace:

Expected in the second half of 2018 as a 2019 model, the 90 kWh battery is supply by uber-supplier LG Chem.  Given how slippery the I-Pace is (.29 Cd), we think the estimate of 220 miles is well on the conservative side by the time the Jaguar gets its official EPA/real-world rating.

The all wheel drive EV will be actually be built by Magna-Steyr (in Austria) and puts out 400 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque (via two motors).