I want to share here two major Jaguar features coming up in our edition #191 because I am very proud of them – and think the subjects we concentrate on should be recognised more widely internationally.

The first is a six page profile about Alfred Momo, the pocket-sized Italian-born American lauded as an engineering genius, and who was a successful legendary engineer on a grand scale before teaming up with great Briggs Cunningham in New York.

He prepared and oversaw the management of Briggs’ team of over 100 race cars, and did that from tailor-made building in Queens.  It hasn’t been explained until now, but he was the co-owner, with Briggs, of Jaguar’s significant New York dealership on Manhattan!  He serviced all of the new Jaguars sold in the eastern side of the U.S. before their sale, and later the cars they sold themselves.

They were also distributors for a number of Italian marques – and while Briggs built his own Cunninghams, Alfred established and built luxury Momos!

These are just the teaser headlines too!

The other story I am delighted with is the ten page feature we are publishing on the Jaguar works and Ecurie Ecosse Long Nose D-Type XKD603.

We have put this one together with the co-operation of its doting owner Clive Beecham, and delve into its Le Mans history which includes one second placing and four Le Mans in a row!

It is one of the most raced Long Nose D-Types, almost certainly the most original – and one of only six genuine ones in existence – of the eleven built.

Neither of these stories have been told in full like this before and took an enormous amount of research.  Most of the period images we are publishing with them have never been seen before!

I promise that if you are new to Jaguar, or an established devotee, these stories will captivate you – and are ones newer luxury marques would love to be able to tell about themselves!

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