Le Mans 1955 and the Whitehead Cooper Jaguar leads the tragic Mercedes-Benz which was to crash into the crowd very soon after.

We believe the late-Peter Whitehead is vastly under-appreciated as a team owner, Jaguar works driver and personal team owner.

He requested John Cooper to create the Cooper Jaguar sports racer and he owned one third of all Cooper Jaguars built. He also won the 1938 Australian Grand Prix, the first race at Bathurst, the first Australian Hill Climb Championship, Le Mans for Jaguar in 1951, the Czech F1 Grand Prix, finished seventh in the first F1 Drivers World Championship, and was second at Le Mans in 1958 with his brother in Peter’s own Aston Martin.

He was also the first person to buy a F1 Ferrari from Enzo Ferrari – and so it goes on and on.

His 1955 Le Mans Cooper Jaguar, the first T38, is the best and most original of any surviving Cooper Jaguars, and we highlight both the man and the car in our coming edition.

It was always fast and successful, never damaged and was hidden untouched for 17 years before being found and completely overhauled in the late 1970s It is seen above in Tasmania early in the 1960s.

It is pristine and lives quietly in Brisbane, Australia having arrived in New Zealand, then Australia late in 1955.

It is a fascinating feature in our coming edition, and we too are spellbound by it. Make sure you get to feel the same.

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