Jaguar Magazine edition #198 is now out and about.

We have a strong mixture of stories ranging from historic to ultra modern including many totally exclusive to Jaguar Magazine.

Take our lapping of the historic and demanding Lakeside circuit in Jaguar’s most power saloon ever built – the almost 600 bhp XE Project 8. That was a huge scoop and an honour, and some of our images capture the car with our editor on board at full pace.

Of course, we pay our tribute to the legendary Norman Dewis, a man whose like will not emerge again in this era of specialists. We do the same for other Jaguar key figures Jim Randle, Jim Percival and former Jaguar F1 boss Niki Lauda.

Then we have the never-known story on Jack Bryson, Australia’s first and biggest Jaguar distributor who Sir William Lyons said was the most entrepreneurial man he ever did business with.

He also saved Jaguar from extinction in 1964!!!

We trace what is the incredible tale of an illegitimate birth outside Australia, his name which was not Jack Bryson and a virtual adoption. Yet he ended his life as one of the richest men in Australia – then who lost all of his family members except his eldest son, in tragic circumstances before he died aged 69.

And that is nothing compared to the rest of his life!

We also reveal that TWR built new copies of many of its Silk Cut, Castrol and Bud Light V12 Jaguars and sold them to unsuspecting people as the genuine original racing car!

We show that in detail, how it was achieved and even reveal the chassis numbers of the faked cars – using TWR records!

Think a 2.0 litre F-Type might just be a bit tame and boring? We wondered that too, but came away enormously impressed by the Coupe’s speed, race-inspired handling – and exhaust noise. It makes incredible value for money.

How about finding the wife, and children of the late-Jock Lawrence, Ecurie Ecosse’s D-Type second placed driver at Le Mans in 1957 in Auckland? It’s true. Jock and his new wife moved there in the very early 60s, and Jock remained with them until shortly before he died.

We have lots of images and the story from his wife and friends.

… and that truly is just the start of what is in our latest edition.

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