I love finding significant images which haven’t been seen before, and here is one of those which will appear in our next edition which is ready to go to press.

It’s owner then, Colin Hyams who owned Luna Park in Melbourne, was in touch a few years ago, and still loves his fine cars.  Few were finer than this outstanding XK-SS which has quite a tale to tell.  I did see it in the UK many years ago after it returned, and like here, it remained, and remains, in original concours condition.

Only 16 XK-SS were officially made, and two more were converted by Jaguar following the fire which destroyed the area where D-Types were turned into XK-SSs.  However, just two more were converted by Jaguar Cars post the fire.

You might be intrigued to find out which one this is …  I can tell you both Sir Jackie Stewart and his Scottish counterpart, the late and very great Jim Clark, have sat in it in Melbourne!

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