We have known this rare XK150S 3.8 FHC for very many years.

It was fitted near new with genuine D-Type wheels, and after many years of being kept in virtual mothballs, it has since been owned all around the world – including England and New Zealand.

Jordan Roddy acquired it near Auckland earlier this year, then brought it back to its home city – Melbourne.

However, it was missing its famous D-Types, which he found and repurchased in Perth, Western Australia. He flew there to personally bring them back to Melbourne.

Now the wheels have been totally refurbished and returned to the car – today it was professionally photographed for our cover and main feature in edition #197.

Jordan has a clear sense of history, and one of the places he had it photographed on the exact same spot it sat for a Concours d’Elegance in 1970!

This is an exceptional feature.

The car has been loved so much it was once kept in a vacuum sealed box! It is quite a story!

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