February 12, 2018

In July 2016 we drove an XF-R, powered by a petrol fuelled engine, all the way to outback Priscilla Queen of the Desert country in Broken Hill, via Brisbane and Albury on a 5027 kilometre marathon.

We encountered (by accident) brutal dirt roads, rudely officially titled ‘Highway’, on the journey from Griffith to Broken Hill – but the car performed brilliantly – thankfully because we were out of phone contact!

Now Jaguar Australia has loaned us a new sister model – XF-R – but a diesel version.

It will be fascinating to compare the diesel engined model with the petrol one – but already it is bringing back many fond memories.

It will all be in edition #192.

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February 8, 2018

If you are looking for something special to start, or add, to your Jaguar collection – consider this former US XJ-S, sold new in 1989 and a one owner vehicle until it was brought to the UK where it is now on its second owner (in total).

This machine is a star in our new edition(4 page story), and is totally as new – except for the fact that after just 1100 miles the owner replaced the V12 with a Corvette V8 engine!  It now has been driven for a total of less than 2700 miles!

Replacing it with an original 5.3 litre V12 is not a big problem, but finding a mint machine like this one is very very unusual.

Now the owner, Daryl Lovelock, is offering the car in the Barons Auction coming up on February 27.

You will probably never find an original XJ-S like this one (save for the engine, of course) and it looks like the seats have never even been sat in and the carpets don’t have a mark on them.

The sale will be conducted at Sandown race course at Esher in the UK and the car is expecting to sell for between 33,000 and 40,000 Pounds.

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February 8, 2018


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February 7, 2018

We have just uploaded our newest digital edition (#191) on Magzter and it should be available at any time.

Major stories include:

The world’s most original Long Nose D-Type – and it was second at Le Mans!

Owning a V12 XJ-C

Driving Jaguar’s first 4 cylinder sports car – the F-Type

Exploring the incredible but untold life of Alfred Momo – the engineer behind Briggs Cunningham – and New York Jaguar dealer

John Crawford – Jaguar’s US PR Vice President – the man who saved Jaguar

Driving a ‘MkIV’ to Royal Windsor and meeting Prince Edward

… and much more

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February 6, 2018

Jaguar Classic is re-starting production of the iconic D-type race car in Coventry, 62 years after the last example was built in 1956. The first Jaguar D-type to be assembled by Jaguar Classic, an engineering prototype, will make its world debut at the Salon Retromobile show in Paris this week.

Just 25 new examples of the D-type will be meticulously hand-built at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Warwickshire. In 1955 Jaguar planned to build 100 D-types. With only 75 completed, Jaguar Classic is now fulfilling the company’s original ambition by creating 25 all-new, period-correct sports cars.

The D-type, which won the Le Mans 24 Hours race three times between 1955 and 1957, was powered by the six-cylinder XK engine. Every aspect of the D-types built for clients from 2018 will be created to authentic, original specification.

Tim Hannig, Jaguar Land Rover Classic Director, said: “The Jaguar D-type is one of the most iconic and beautiful competition cars of all time, with an outstanding record in the world’s toughest motor races. And it’s just as spectacular today.

“The opportunity to continue the D-type’s success story, by completing its planned production run in Coventry, is one of those once-in-a-lifetime projects that our world-class experts at Jaguar Land Rover Classic are proud to fulfil.”

The D-type is the third continuation vehicle from Jaguar Classic, complementing the six missing Lightweight E-types completed in 2014-15 and nine XKSSs built in 2017-18.


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E-Type Zero named ‘Best Use of Electricity Since the Lightbulb’ …

February 5, 2018

Jaguar Land Rover has won two trophies at the GQ Car of the Year Awards. The luxurious and capable new Range Rover Velar won the ‘Climb Every Mountain in Luxury Award’, while Jaguar’s zero-emissions E-Type Zero was named as ‘Best Use of Electricity Since the Lightbulb.’

In March 2017, the Range Rover Velar became the first car to ever be launched and displayed at the London Design Museum. Created with balanced proportions and elegant lines, the Velar brings unprecedented glamour and modernity to the Range Rover family, but without losing the famous go-anywhere ability of every Land Rover.

GQ magazine said of the Range Rover Velar: That it can cruise effortlessly through any urban landscape is a given, but when called upon, it can also conquer where mountain goats fear to tread. We love the new Velar.”

Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover, said:“Our continued evolution is driven by a relentless focus on creating highly desirable vehicles our customers will love for life. The Range Rover Velar brings a new dimension of modernity to the Range Rover family with an abundance of innovative technologies, all making this vehicle a joy to drive and be driven in. We’re honoured that the arbiters of style at GQ have recognised the tireless endeavours of our designers and engineers who have delivered a vehicle with compelling design, tailored technology and relevant innovation which come together to create a vehicle of instant desirability.”

The Jaguar E-Type Zero is a modern reinvention of Jaguar’s most iconic vehicle, fitted with a new zero emissions, all-electric powertrain. Built by Jaguar Land Rover Classic, the E-type Zero boasts an advanced lithium-ion battery pack with the same weight and dimensions as the original car’s XK six-cylinder engine. Weighing in at around 46kg less than a traditional E-type, the Zero can accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.5 seconds.

Tim Hannig, Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic, said: E-Type Zero demonstrates Jaguar Land Rover Classic’s commitment to future-proofing classic car ownership. It combines the renowned E-type dynamic experience with enhanced performance through electrification. This unique combination creates a breathtaking driving sensation. We’re delighted that E-type Zero has the approval of the knowledgeable team at British GQ.”

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February 3, 2018

Jaguar Magazine flew the 24 hour haul to England in 2000 (at our expense) for Jaguar’s F1 launch at Lord Cricket Ground in  London, and next day we went to Silverstone for a shakedown of its new F1 cars.

Unfortunately, the weather was freezing and ice on the track prevented running.

However, we hung in for many hours hoping, and one of the images our editor took that day was of Jackie Stewart’s new Daimler sandwiched between the Jaguar F1 transporters – remembering Ford (Jaguar’s owner then) bought the Stewart F1 team months before.

Now the same Daimler is for sale, and the seller states:  “4.0 Super V8 SUPERCHARGED LWB 4dr Saloon. Presented in Mason’s Black Metallic with contrasting Cream/Beige Leather Interior. This car benefits from every available option due to the fact it was given to Jackie Stewart back in 2001.  It has the Crystal Decanter and two glasses. Heated Electric Memory (Front) and Rear Seats, Electric Sunroof, Climate Control, Satellite Navigation, 4x Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Electric Steering Column Adjustment, Multi Function Steering Wheel, Alloy Wheels, Rear Parking Sensors, Tables in rear, Built in Jaguar/Motorola Mobile Phone x2, Cruise Control, 6 CD Changer, Remote Central Locking and more.”

They certainly got the date of first ownership wrong (we took this shot in very early January, 2000), but it is a very special car.

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February 1, 2018

Something which we didn’t expect is this two owner V12 E-Type Coupe with just 21,600 miles on the clock from new!

The car was found in Canada five years ago by UK enthusiast Daryl Lovelock, and is a story sidelight to a 1989 V12 XJ-S Convertible he bought in the US – with 2745 miles recorded!

Both cars had one owner until Daryl purchased them, but he can’t keep two – and he is loathe to sell the black XJ-S, so the E-Type has to go.

It was shipped new to a doctor in Toronto, only driven on special occasions and heavily rust proofed when new.  The paint and every panel are original.

It is in our coming edition, but if you are interested in purchasing it, this classic is being sold by Barrons on the 27 February at Sandown, Esher south of London.

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January 31, 2018

British specialist sports car maker – The Lister Motor Company – is next month set to reveal the fastest, most powerful and luxurious car it has ever built in the legendary Cambridgeshire marque’s 65-year history, with the launch of the Lister Thunder.

The Thunder will be unveiled exclusively next month at Historic Motorsport International, staged at London’s ExCeL, from 15th-18th of February, where full details of this exciting new limited-production Lister supercar for the 21st Century will be revealed.

To whet the appetite of all true petrol heads, Lister can reveal that the aptly-named Thunder will have a top speed in excess of 200mph, with a blistering 0-62mph acceleration in just over three seconds, and a storming 666 bhp! Potential Lister Thunder buyers will need to be just as quick off the mark, as just 99 examples of this desirable new model will be built, with prices starting at £139,950.

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January 31, 2018

Coincidentally, having just mentioned Peter Lehrke and the Jaguar Land Rover Experience On Ice – the Sun’s Motoring Editor Nick Francis has become one of the few non-factory people in the world to drive the all-electric I-Pace, and he has done that at the same facility in Sweden!!!  He reported today:

The discovery of penicillin was a game-changer.

So was the cut loaf. And the invention of the internet.

But lactose-free milk? Not a game-changer. Neither is Bitcoin. And the film La La Land changed nothing other than my opinion of the once-cool Ryan Gosling. If you want to see what a game-changer looks like, have a look at these photos.

This is the Jaguar I-Pace — and I am lucky enough to be one of the first journalists on the planet to drive it.

Let me tell you now, it’s the car that will convince you to go electric. You don’t want to buy an EV because you’re worried it won’t have a long enough range, right? The I-Pace will manage 300 miles per charge, we’re assured.

You worry EVs are slow and sluggish. The I-Pace thumps out 0-62mph in four seconds. So far EVs tend to be small and impractical for big families, but the I-Pace is an SUV that can hold five and a load of junk in the boot.

The cherry on the top is the fact it looks as fit as a butcher’s dog.

In the frozen wastelands of Arjeplog in Sweden — a yawning expanse of iced-over lakes and snow-coated highways — Jaguar has been punishing the I-Pace with cold-weather testing. That’s where I headed to drive through snowdrifts, spending as much time going sideways as possible.

I still can’t comment on how it will behave on roads. But I can assure you the I-Pace has all the fizz and excitement of a petrol-powered sports car.

Its firm footedness, even with traction control dialled back, was staggering, especially considering I was driving on 10ft-thick ice. That’s partly thanks to an almost exactly 50/50 weight distribution, achieved by running the 90kWh battery along the entire bottom of the car, starting at the A pillar and ending at the C pillar.

All that weight on its belly means the I-Pace has a very low centre of gravity, which equals faster lap times and safer handling. Jaguar knows battery range anxiety and lack of charging points are the biggest factors in putting people off making the switch to electric.

And even though the claimed 300 miles is healthy for an EV, it has introduced cool tech which will soothe long-journey nerves.

Although tight-lipped on what the system will be called, Jag says the I-Pace will calculate whether you can get to and from your destination without charging.

That means you’ll never get somewhere only to find you can’t reach a charging station. Jaguar announced this week the I-Pace will charge in 45 minutes on a rapid charge setting. The EV race is charging up. It is a new and uncharted market.

Audi is readying to launch a solid rival — the E-Tron Quattro — and an all-electric Mini is currently in its testing phase, launching in 2019.

A motoring press officer’s job is not always an easy one. Even when it’s a dog of a car they have to convince the room, and themselves, it isn’t an ugly bag of spanners.

I’ll leave you with a fun fact. I searched for all the times I’ve ever used “game-changer” in this column.

I used it once before — last May, writing about the Jaguar I-Pace.

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