May 29, 2020
Beautiful, creating history and sounding amazing with that V12 engine.

I could never have dreamed I would be at Le Mans in 1988 when Jaguar won there again for the first time as a factory entry since 1955 (56 and 57 were Ecurie Ecosse).

Sadly, Andrew Whyte, who was to be with us, died unexpectedly just weeks before, but I still went with Roger and Penny Woodley, plus Richard and Carol Hassan.

There were five Silk Cut Jaguars – this would be the winner of the race!

I also had a full press and photographer’s pass – so could get almost anywhere, see what I wanted, and get inside images including these here.

I stayed there for the entire 24 Hours of the race, and when it was over I felt almost as tired as the drivers and crew. But what a thing it was when Silk Cut Jaguar #2 crossed the line and won the only race in its short career.

Larry Perkins in car #22.

Silk Cut Jaguar #22 with Larry Perkins, Danny Sullivan and Kevin Cogan was a fabulous 4th and crossed the line with the winning V12 engined car.

The winning crew showing their tiredness being driven to press interviews.

I have never experienced such joy and passion for a race victory, and won’t again. ‘God Save The Queen’ played up and down jammed pit straight for 20 minutes non-stop, girls got their tops off and climbed onto the Nissan pit roof (next to Jaguar) and the winning car was surrounded by a true sea of celebrating Jaguar fans with Jan Lammers escaping to the roof.

Jan Lammers on the roof with fans going crazy for joy.

Driving back to our accommodation in Richard’s Series 3 XJ12, locals flanked the roads for kilometres and cheered and waved at the Jaguar.

Entirely spontaneous – the boys loved it, of course!

The win truly put Jaguar back on the road to success, and to have been there, and up close, for an historic win like this was something never to forget.

While everyone parties …

I do hope Jaguar returns to Le Mans and in the next few years. That is where it wears its competition heart.

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May 27, 2020

A very special D-Type.

D-Type XKD520 is a very important car and has followed me around the globe unintentionally!

Sold new to Bib Stillwell in Melbourne, then radio superstar Jack Davey, Frank Gardner then former Jaguar Apprentice and Le Mans winner Richard Attwood amongst many, it also lived on Jersey for many years.

It returned to Australia (specifically Brisbane) in 2013 where we inspected and photographed it thanks to its owner – who was forced to send it back to Europe because of excessive Customs Duty!

The car was crashed during Davey’s ownership, and today it is still shows those heavy scars with great character.

Remarkably, every panel except for the bonnet is original! The Frank Gardner Long Nose version built by Alan Standfield in Sydney in 1957 remains with the car though.

It is a REAL D-Type with personality!

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May 26, 2020

If you are looking for the newest edition, it has been delayed by the virus and all of its flow-ons, but now we have hardcopies in our hands and in the mail too.

I am very pleased with it, and am making up for lost time with #203.

Our exclusive stories include:

The Shorter family in Auckland – now the world’s oldest dealer. We tell their story from before they were appointed S.S. dealers in the mid-1930s.

Restore or not restore? All the advice to you need to make up your mind about buying a finished classic Jaguar – or do you restore your own?

Team Shep at Bathurst. The fastest E-Type in the world, which has won a six hour race, raced from Panama to Alaska and is now the fastest E-Type in the world (officially) has now raced at Bathurst!

Jaguar’s 1950s unknown racing crew in the background. Yes we know the drivers, and we also know the key personnel, but what about the hardworking and talented engineers who built, prepared and crewed the Le Mans winning Jaguars and at other events? You will meet them now and know them by name.

Driving the latest 2020 XE – our favourite Jaguar saloon.

Tribute to Sir Stirling Moss. He got his first contract with Jaguar and was steered by Lofty England before he jumped ship to Mercedes-Benz. We pay our respects to the legend.

Peter Lehrke goes back to Sweden to drive the newest Jaguars on iced-over lakes for the third time.

… and loads and loads more.

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May 26, 2020

If you have been wondering where we have been – blame our website!

Yes I know all about blaming tools etc., but it has been a nightmare.

However, we are back and up and soon I will post news here about edition #202 which is just out from the printer.


April 12, 2020

Sir Stirling Moss has died aged 90 following a long illness, his wife Susan announced today.

The motor racing legend “died as he lived, looking wonderful” in the early hours of Easter Day, Lady Moss said.

Lady Moss was at the racing driver’s bedside as he died, having nursed him through a long illness.

She told the Daily Mail: “He died as he lived, looking wonderful. He simply tired in the end and he just closed his beautiful eyes and that was that.”

She added: “It was one lap too many. He just closed his eyes.”

Stirling gained his first works contact through Lofty England and with Jaguar. Driving a C-Type at Reims he recorded the first race win ever for a disc braked car.

His first works formula car was the HWM which later won the 1954 Australian Grand Prix in 1954 driven by Lex Davision and powered by a Jaguar engine. It remains in that country.

He rose to fame after the Second World War and went on to be acclaimed as the greatest all-round racer ever.

Though Moss famously never won the Formula One title, he finished runner-up four times and came third three times in a career during which he won 16 Grands Prix.

FI commentator Martin Brundle paid tribute to Sir Stirling, calling him a “mighty racer and gentleman”.

We will have a full in-depth tribute to the great man in our next edition.

Rest in peace Stirling and our condolences to Lady Suzi and son Elliott.


April 10, 2020
First look out our new cover – edition #202.

“In Jaguar Magazine there is a wealth of rather unexpected photographs (old and new) and articles not only related to Jaguar cars but also to people directly or indirectly in connection with them.

Hence, it offers a staggered positioning among the magazines dedicated to the marque which makes it a pleasure to read.

Thank you Letitia Mace and Xclusively Jaguar for introducing Jaguar Magazine.

All best wishes.

Gerard Langlois”


April 8, 2020

There has never been a better time to buy a new or demonstrator Jaguar model. For a limited time, Jaguar Australia is offering its customers a 5 year unlimited KM warranty package across the entire Jaguar range of new and demonstrator vehicles*.

The offer applies to selected new and demonstrator XE, XF, E-PACE, F-PACE, I-PACE and F-TYPE new and demonstrator models sold and delivered between 01/04/20 and 30/06/20, while stocks last.

“We are proud to be able to offer Australian customers a 5 year Unlimited KM warranty on selected new and demonstrator Jaguars, as well as savings equivalent to the GST** ” said Jaguar Land Rover Managing Director Mark Cameron

“Additionally, as a thank you to our loyal Jaguar owners, we are offering a loyalty bonus if you trade in your current Jaguar on a new or demonstrator Jaguar over the next three months.” added Mark

The Jaguar owner loyalty bonus includes additional savings on your new Jaguar vehicle, up to the following amounts –

XE – up to $1000
I-PACE – up to $1250
E-PACE – up to $1500
XF Sedan and Sportbrake – up to $2000
F-PACE – up to $2000
F-TYPE – up to $2500
XJ – up to $4000

The Five Year Unlimited KM Warranty package, savings equivalent to the GST, E-PACE Chequered Flag Drive-Away and all loyalty offers are all available for a limited time only, from April 1 – June 30, 2020.

For full details – please go to – JAGUAR OFFERS

*Excludes XJ. **The “Savings Equivalent to GST” offer applies to all Jaguar models apart from E-PACE Chequered Flag Edition. +Recommended drive away price for 20MY Jaguar E-PACE Chequered Flag ordered and delivered between 01/04/2020 and 30/06/2020 at participating Retailers while stocks last. ^5 year warranty includes factory 3 year warranty plus 2 additional years. Jaguar reserves the right to extend any offer.

For more information contact

James Scrimshaw
PR Manager – JLR Australia

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April 5, 2020
The current edition costs $1.95 with edition #199 included

We know how grim things are, and we can’t go out to shop for anything except the essentials.

Even we admit Jaguar Magazine is not an ‘essential’, so we have been working hard (thanks Mike Shaw) to make it possible to put it into our shop to download directly in digital.

We have made it US$1.95 for the current edition, and like those horrible tele ads say ‘wait, you want more’? Edition #199 is included.

We have never offered Jaguar Magazine digital directly from our website before, but times have changed very quickly.

Stay safe and I hope you enjoy reading them.


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April 3, 2020

Jaguar Land Rover will be turning over its prototype build operations to start production of protective visors for key-workers, utilising its CAD design expertise to answer the government call for more vital equipment to fight coronavirus.

The only reusable, NHS-approved visor of its kind, the design has been developed in consultation with a team of NHS healthcare professionals for efficient rapid prototype printing at the Advanced Product Creation Centre in Gaydon, home to one of the most advanced 3D printing facilities in Europe.

It comes as a national shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS staff on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19 has resulted in many key workers suffering injury from wearing uncomfortable equipment for long hours or going without vital protective wear.

Through collaboration with companies such as Pro2Pro in Telford, the ambition is to produce 5,000 visors a week for NHS trusts across the country.

Pre-line trials have already taken place with a team of healthcare professionals at the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust before assembly began at Jaguar Land Rover in Warwickshire on 31 March.

Using rapid prototyping technology, has enabled the engineers to work through several iterations of the design in under a week, allowing for medical staff to feed back and improvements to be made.

Engineers in the Additive Manufacturing Centre, who have designed and manufactured the visors, are now in discussions with suppliers and partners to scale up production. They hope to create a tool that will enable mass production.

It is Jaguar Land Rover’s intention to make the open source CAD design files available to Additive Manufacturers and suppliers, so many more protective visors can be printed over the coming weeks.

Each face visor has been designed to be reusable, and can be easily dismantled and cleaned before being used again; safeguarding NHS trusts against future shortages as the situation develops.

Ben Wilson, Jaguar Land Rover Additive Manufacturing and Prototype Design Manager, said: “It’s been a real team effort, we’ve trialled different materials and improved the design over several iterations in consultation with real doctors and nurses on the frontline – this has allowed us to create something unique and truly fit-for-purpose.

“While this is a small effort, it is vital we help as many people as we can by utilising our resources. Collaborative teams working at Jaguar Land Rover, along with the wider computer-aided design and 3D printing community will continue to do what we can to help healthcare workers.”

The clear shield is manufactured using chemically-resistant polycarbonate, which is trimmed down by RGH Rubber Limited using a multi-cutter machine. Created using state-of-the-art laser sintering, jet fusion and FDM processes, the team went to particular lengths to ensure the cap top can be worn comfortably and safely for many hours by dedicated healthcare workers.

A secure elastic strap – provided by Beacon Trimmings of Coventry – holds the visor in place, and can be quickly and easily replaced to avoid contamination.

Dr Steve Iley, Chief Medical Officer for Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The health and safety of our employees, customers and their families remains our priority. It’s important we all utilise our skills, expertise and facilities to help protect NHS staff on the frontline during our country’s greatest crisis in a generation.  We can all play a part in helping those who need it most.”

The visors are assembled by a skeleton team of four Jaguar Land Rover employees in a specially designed clean area. Strict processes are in place to ensure there is no risk of contamination before the finished visors leave site.    

Jaguar Land Rover continues to work closely with the UK government and has offered its research and engineering expertise, as well as digital engineering and design, printing of 3D models and prototypes, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science support. As part of ongoing consortia, Jaguar Land Rover will also support those providing vital equipment for ventilator development.

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April 1, 2020

Jaguar and Land Rover have deployed more than 160 vehicles globally to support emergency response organisations during the coronavirus crisis.

A total of 57 vehicles including 27 New Defenders have been issued to the British Red Cross to deliver medicine and food vulnerable people across the UK who now need additional support due to social distancing rules.

Jaguar and Land Rover teams in Spain, France, South Africa and Australia have loaned vehicles to their Red Cross societies and more markets are offering help to their local teams.

This service is being provided with fleets of vehicles now available due to the postponement of launch events.

Jaguar Land Rover is working closely with the UK government and has offered its research and engineering expertise, as well as digital engineering and design, printing of 3D models and prototypes, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science support.

Protective equipment is being donated to the NHS including wraparound safety glasses to the Royal Bolton Hospital, St James’s Hospital in Leeds and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Finbar McFall, Jaguar Land Rover Customer Experience Director, said: “The health and safety of our employees, customers and their families remains our priority.  Jaguar and Land Rover will do everything we can to support people in need around the world. Our partnership with the Red Cross goes back 65 years and we will work hand in hand with them to do all we can during this global health emergency. We will also provide help to those closer to home in our local communities. We can all play a part in helping the vulnerable during this global pandemic.”

Simon Lewis, Head of Crisis Response, British Red Cross said: “This unprecedented global health emergency requires us all to pull together. As part of the British Red Cross response to coronavirus, we’re delving deep into the heart of communities across the UK to help strengthen support for the most vulnerable people through delivering essential food parcels and medicines to those unable to get out. 

We have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown across the country, not only by our increasing number of volunteers, but also our longstanding partners. Thanks to Land Rover’s generous support, our Emergency Response teams in the UK will be to reach even more people living in isolated communities than we could alone.”

Land Rover and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) have worked together for over 65 years, helping communities prepare and respond to emergencies with disaster-preparedness projects around the world – vital at times like this.

Through its partnership with the British Red Cross, Land Rover has also helped fund emergency relief efforts through the Disaster Relief Alliance, which supports community resilience programmes in the UK and around the world, providing financial assistance immediately when disaster hits – including coronavirus. British Red Cross has already given £200,000 to support Asian countries severely affected by the pandemic.

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