January 22, 2020

 Jaguar Land Rover UK and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have confirmed a fleet of 700 Jaguar I-PACE vehicles for public sector staff across the country.

The agreement via Northumbria Healthcare’s NHS Fleet Solutions, will give staff from more than 200 organisations access to lease the Jaguar’s all-electric I-PACE over a three-year period.

Sir James Mackey – Chief Executive Northumbria Healthcare, said: “We are delighted to be working with Jaguar Land Rover UK, this is a great deal for NHS and public sector staff and delivers genuine benefit to our patients.”

Reigning ‘Car of the Year’, the zero emissions Jaguar I-PACE SUV complements the NHS’ ambition to reduce its carbon footprint and be more sustainable.

Sir James Mackey continued; “To have a fleet of cars that are fully electric demonstrates our on-going commitment to making decisions that reduce our impact on the environment and help us become greener.”

Claire Watson-Brown, National Contract Hire & Public Sector Manager, Jaguar Land Rover UK, said: “We are very proud to provide NHS and Public Sector staff with this fleet of Jaguar I-PACEs. The I-PACE demonstrates our latest electric vehicle technology, developed here in the UK to deliver clean, sustainable and efficient transport.”

The fleet of I-PACEs will be available to public sector staff at organisations which are signed up to NHS Fleet Solutions from April 2020. Employees will pay for their vehicles via salary sacrifice.

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January 17, 2020
Archie Scott Brown and Ecurie Ecosse team mate Ninian Sanderson in Sweden.

It’s a great way to start 2020 because we combine Jaguar’s heritage back in the hallowed days, with its history today.

That’s because we are living with the very last F-TYPE SVO V8 to be imported to this country – and have a unique feature on the very great Lister Jaguar driver Archie Scott Brown.

Archie was suggested to us by the great Ron Gaudion who worked with him in Sweden in 1957 when the Scottish born Archie raced for Edinburgh’s racing team. Ron took a number of unique images of the great man who defined all of the odds of his genetic deformity to be a racing star, but died in a fiery race accident at Spa in May 1958.

Ron tells us why Archie was such an exceptional man.

It is an honour for us to be able to present these stories, and we are putting it all together now …

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January 13, 2020

Our good friend Heinz Schendzielorz has exclusively send us many of his personal images for use in Jaguar Magazine – he having started a Jaguar magazine in the early 1970s.

We have picked out just three as a tempter here, but you will get the drift pretty quickly!

Everyone knew then these three cars were very special, but in an era when there was no internet they just seemed to appear, and nobody really knew their individual histories.

Take these three!

Costin bodied Lister Jaguar VPP9 was one of two works entries at Le Mans in 1959. When this shot was taken VPP9 meant nothing, and nobody really knew anything about it – not even the owner!

Then there was this ex-Ecurie Ecosse C-Type which was dead original and chassis XKC042. It lived a very quiet life in Adelaide, came out occasionally, then went unseen.

And then there was Bob Jane’s D-Type XKD532. It had no more than three or four minor races in its life, had never been damaged and was ‘as built’.

Now they have all returned to Europe and are worth a fortune!

These are the types of special images we pride ourselves on and makes our publication different to others. You will also read their fully histories which are always fascinating.

Happy reading in 2020.

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December 23, 2019

Whether you are a Christmas person or not, everyone loves to celebrate, and I and our little hardworking crew at Jaguar Magazine wish you and your families a wonderful happy, and safe Christmas and 2020.

Hard to believe we are up to 2020 as it is, it is going to be a great new decade so take some out and enjoy the break between now and the new year with those closest or most important to you.

We look forward to spending the 2020s with you, and are will down the road with edition #201.

Ho ho ho from us.

Les. (Hughes) and the team.


December 11, 2019

It’s the must evocative old race track we have ever been to, and the XE is our favourite four door Jaguar saloon – so what a combination Jaguar has created.

The Jaguar legend has been built atop extreme performance cars and heroic on-track victories. The latest special edition Jaguar XE Reims Edition pays homage to both, with a name inspired by perhaps the most iconic Jaguar racing car of all time, and an appearance that mimics two of the most hardcore Jaguar road cars ever built.

The Jaguar XE Reims Edition celebrates the Jaguar D-Type’s maiden victory in 1954 at the 12-hours of Reims, piloted by Ken Wharton and Peter Whitehead completing over 2,000km at an average speed of 105mph. Commemorating this momentous victory, the Jaguar-Daimler Heritage Trust has fitted a plaque on the preserved Jaguar branded pit on the disused Reims-Geux circuit in the Champagne region in France.

In recent Jaguar history, cars that wore the famous French Racing Blue paint were the most extreme – the limited XKR-S and XFR-S are two examples – but for now, it makes a return on the limited XE Reims Edition. The XE Reims Edition will be the first of a series of ‘Jaguar Factory Specials’; limited production run vehicles with bespoke features and details overlaid on the current award-winning vehicle range.

Offered exclusively with the 2.0-litre Ingenium petrol (P250) engine in R-Dynamic S guise, every Jaguar XE Reims Edition is fitted with a number of bespoke and standardised options. Each of the 200 units will be painted in French Racing Blue, with a number of unique contrasting elements including a black contrast roof, black mirror caps, black sill inserts and fitted with 19-inch, five split-spoke, gloss black alloys.

Options that have been standardised include privacy glass, exterior Black Pack that includes gloss black grille with gloss black surround, gloss black side window surrounds and gloss black side vents, badge deletion, heated seats and Cold Climate pack that includes heated windscreen, heated steering wheel, and headlight washers.

All 200 of the limited run XE Reims Editions will enjoy the myriad of upgrades that were added to the new XE, featuring an enhanced exterior design, all-new luxurious interior delivering more comfort, quality and connectivity for occupants and advanced technologies as standard. These include all-LED headlights, Apple CarPlay, a rear parking camera and front rear parking aids.

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December 11, 2019

Are you looking for that different sort of Christmas gift? How about an annual subscription to our magazine – no matter where in the world you live.

And we will start if from our very historic 200th edition if you wish – or #199. Go to and find subscriptions.

Fill in the details – that is all there is to it, and will put in a gift tag to the person it is for if you tell us.

It is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

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December 9, 2019

When buyers shop for an electric car, the total driving range often plays a major role in their purchasing decision. Many automakers agree that buyers should not be worried about range anxiety but offering a vehicle that can travel further on a charge certainly can’t hurt. The 2020 Jaguar I-Pace currently offers an electric all-wheel-drive producing 394 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque with a driving range of 234 miles courtesy of its 90 kWh lithium-ion battery.

This range is about on par with the lowest range Tesla Model X, but the longest range version can travel 328 miles on a charge. Jaguar has an update that will make it a close fight.

According to Electrek, Jaguar will send I-Pace owners an update that will increase their driving range. I-Pace owner Malcolm Bird sent in an email he received about Jaguar’s “Range Enhancement Program” for the I-Pace. In the email, Bird was told: “These software enhancements will be provided free of charge and will deliver up to 8% range improvement.”

Calculating an 8% increase on the I-Pace’s 234-mile range, the SUV should now be able to travel 252.7 miles on a charge. This is pretty impressive for a software update.

Jaguar says the update was developed through the I-Pace e-TROPHY race car development. “Changes to the torque distribution of the permanent all-wheel-drive system will deliver greater efficiency when driving in ECO mode, while refinements to thermal management control will see the active radiator vanes close more often to enhance aerodynamics. The battery will also run to a lower state of charge than previously without affecting driveability, durability, or performance,” Jaguar said.

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December 3, 2019

The two-seat sports car offers a perfect balance of performance and driver reward with an even more muscular, assertive design and a cabin defined by rich, luxurious materials and beautiful details.

The range of powerful, responsive engines includes four-, six- and eight-cylinder options*, all matched to eight-speed Quickshift transmissions with full manual control using either the SportShift gear selector or the steering wheel-mounted paddles. 

The new F-TYPE also offers more driver-focused technology, including a reconfigurable, high-definition, 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster, Touch Pro infotainment system, and Smartphone Pack with Apple CarPlay® as standard. Smartphone Pack also includes Android Auto and Baidu CarLife, depending on market applicability, as standard. Software-over-the-air functionality means future software updates can be made at the customer’s convenience without having to visit a Retailer. Two superb Meridian sound systems offer enhanced sound reproduction.

Design the most beautiful sports car, with purity, proportion and presence that’s unmistakably Jaguar: that was the challenge we set ourselves. The new F-TYPE is more dramatic than ever, with even greater clarity of purpose in every line, surface and feature, and embodies true Jaguar design DNA.

State-of-the-art technologies together with luxurious materials and finishes deliver beauty with purpose in an interior which will delight driver and passenger alike even before the engine starts and the journey begins. Jaguar has been making sports cars for more than 70 years, and that rich heritage has inspired the team to create something truly extraordinary.


F-TYPE’s award-winning design has evolved still further with a focus on even greater purity and discipline to the perfectly-sculpted form. Super-slim pixel LED headlights** with subtly updated signature ‘Calligraphy’ J daytime running lights, and sweeping direction indicators, blend perfectly into the ‘liquid metal’ surfacing of the new clamshell bonnet, exaggerating the car’s visual width and accentuating its assertive stance. The new front bumper and subtly enlarged grille deliver even more visual impact and presence.


The interior combines traditional Jaguar craftsmanship with rich, contemporary materials such as Windsor Leather and satin-finish Noble Chrome. Beautiful details include monogram stitch patterns in the seats and door trims, Jaguar Leaper motifs in the headrests, and subtle ‘Jaguar Est.1935’ markings on the centre console finisher, glovebox release button surround, and seatbelt guides.

The 12.3-inch reconfigurable HD TFT instrument cluster offers a choice of different displays, including full map mode but, as befits a true sports car, the default mode is characterised by the large central rev counter. This feature and the gearshift light subtly convey the F-TYPE’s driver-focused character and performance potential.

Even before the drive begins, the F-TYPE delights the driver with the visual theatre of flush, deployable door handles and deployable air vents. Pressing the start button brings the car to life with its hallmark exhaust flare as purposeful as ever

All engines – 300PS turbocharged four-cylinder, 380PS supercharged V6 and 450PS and 575PS V8s – feature active exhaust systems, which are switchable either as an option or as standard. Customers who choose the 450PS or 575PS supercharged V8s benefit from the new Quiet Start function, which ensures a more subtle, refined sound – the electrically-actuated bypass valves in the rear silencer remain closed until they automatically open up under load. If desired, Quiet Start can be over-ridden by selecting Dynamic Mode or by pressing the switchable exhaust button before starting the engine.

The distinctive crackle and pop on the overrun synonymous with F-TYPE, remains, the sounds meticulously tuned to suit the range of powerful four-,six-, and eight-cylinder engines. Highly efficient, close-coupled particulate filters reduce emissions. 

The new F-TYPE is the definitive Jaguar sports car and continues to set the benchmark for design purity, driver engagement and reward, and a truly visceral driving experience – it makes every journey extraordinary.
Its timeless looks are more assertive than ever, technologies such as the high-definition virtual instrument cluster deepen the driver-focused feel of the interior, while the range of powertrains offers a breadth of choice unrivalled in the segment. Enthusiasts will appreciate the new F-TYPE R’s 575PS supercharged V8, enhanced chassis and intelligent all-wheel drive system, which deliver truly outstanding performance in all conditions while retaining its inherent tractability and usability.


The new 450PS supercharged V8 has been developed to offer exploitable and rewarding performance – its maximum torque of 580Nm being generated from just 2,500rpm. It is offered with a choice of all-wheel drive and – for purists – rear-wheel drive. Both versions can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 4.4 seconds, and reach a maximum speed of 177mph.

Raising the output of the all-wheel drive F-TYPE R’s supercharged V8 to 575PS and 700Nm (up from 550PS and 680Nm respectively) delivers truly outstanding performance in all weathers and in all conditions, while retaining its inherent tractability and day-to-day usability. Performance is exceptional: the benchmark sprint to 60mph takes just 3.5 seconds, while maximum speed is an electronically-limited 186mph.

The F-TYPE R’s increased power is matched to a comprehensively uprated chassis with new, wider, 20-inch, 10-spoke wheels in Gloss Black with contrast Diamond-Turned finish, and new adaptive dampers, springs, anti-roll bars and stiffer rear knuckles and ball joints, delivering even greater agility and responsiveness.

Taking all of the learning accrued from the development of the limited-edition, 200mph Jaguar XE SV Project 8, the Quickshift transmissions in both the new F-TYPE R and the 450PS V8 models have been meticulously recalibrated for a more engaging driving experience. The new F-TYPE R specifically offers even faster, crisper gear changes when the driver commands shifts manually via the steering wheel-mounted paddles or the SportShift gear selector. Both upshifts and downshifts are more immediate and give an even more connected and responsive feel.

Customers also have the choice of the exclusive F-TYPE First Edition. Based on the
R-Dynamic models, the First Edition is offered for one model year only, and has refinements such as the Exterior Design Pack in contemporary Dorchester Grey and five-spoke, 20-inch wheels in Gloss Technical Grey with contrast Diamond-Turned finish, complementing the choice of Santorini Black, Eiger Grey or Fuji White paint.

The interior features 12-way Windsor Leather seats in Ebony with Light Oyster stitching, or Mars with Flame Red stitching. Other highlights include the instrument cluster wrapped in Alcantara with Monogram embossing, aluminium gearshift paddles, an Engine Spin centre console finisher with First Edition branding, and an Ebony Suedecloth headliner.

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December 3, 2019

The new Jaguar F-TYPE has completed its journey from sketchpad to showroom with a unique tour – in Hot Wheels® model form – of the Jaguar Design Studio.

The 1:64 scale sports car model, complete with perfectly recreated black and white camouflage wrap, navigated 25 loop-the-loops, three gravity-defying jumps and 44 corners along the 232-metre long Hot Wheels orange track laid out around the studio.

On the way, it raced from a design review of original sketches, past digital renderings, colour and materials samples and a clay model, revealing the details of new F-TYPE’s purposeful, beautiful and timeless design before coming to rest beside the real thing.

Julian Thomson, Design Director, Jaguar, said: “As a designer and huge car enthusiast, Hot Wheels models have been a part of my life since childhood. They capture the imagination, make owning the car of your dreams a reality, and give you the first opportunity to actually ‘drive’ a car.

“We are used to creating models in clay but seeing such a finely-detailed 1:64-scale model of the new F-TYPE race around the studio, showcasing every stage in our design process, was a truly unique experience.”

Working in close collaboration, designers from Jaguar and Hot Wheels used the CAD data of the real car to craft the precise 3D-printed model, recreating every beautiful detail of the new F-TYPE, including its striking new clamshell bonnet, distinctive super-slim Pixel LED headlights and more sculpted front and rear bumpers.

The Hot Wheels team also faithfully recreated the Velocity Blue colour from the SVO Premium Palette, and even hand-painted the F-TYPE badge on the back before the model was camouflaged ahead of its own ‘reveal’ in the film.

While the Hot Wheels model features a full interior, you need to step inside the life-size F-TYPE to truly experience the rich, luxurious materials such as Windsor Leather and Noble Chrome which define the new F-TYPE’s driver-focused cabin.

Beautiful details surround the occupants, such as the monogram stitching in the seats and door panels and ‘Jaguar Est. 1935’ markings in the glovebox release button surround – a subtle reference to the year when the Jaguar name was first used by company founder Sir William Lyons to brand one of his beautiful cars.

Where the model relied purely on gravity to accelerate it up to speed, the new Jaguar F-TYPE is available with a range of powerful and efficient engines: a 221kW turbocharged four-cylinder, 280kW supercharged V6, and a 423kW supercharged V8.

The latter is exclusive to the new F-TYPE R and, combined with all-wheel drive, delivers truly extraordinary performance in all gears and in all conditions.

Launching from 0-100 km/h takes just 3.7 seconds.

The tiny F-TYPE reached scale speeds of up to 482km/h (300mph) along the custom-built track which was designed and developed with the guidance of Official Hot Wheels master track designer Paul Schmid.

Bryan Benedict, Senior Manager of Product Design at Hot Wheels, said: “We’ve been working with Jaguar for over 40 years but this was an opportunity to do something really special with a car that was not yet on sale.

“To go behind the doors of the top-secret Jaguar Design Studio and work with the talented design team to bring this car to life and reveal it on our unmistakable orange and blue track was a unique opportunity.”

The state-of-the-art Jaguar Design Studio opened in September, bringing the entire design team into one purpose-built creative space for the first time in the marque’s 84-year history.

The most technologically-advanced design studio in the world, it features industry-leading modelling robotics, virtual reality, an 11-metre 4K powerwall, and has double the floor space of the previous site – allowing 20 full-size clay models to be worked on simultaneously.

Available to order now and priced from $126,400 in Australia.

* Pixel LED headlights are exclusively available on the F-TYPE R

Useful link: To watch the hero film, click here:


Editors’ notes
The Jaguar F-TYPE is the definitive Jaguar sports car and has won 178 awards to date, including World Car Design of the Year.

The Jaguar F-TYPE range offers an unrivalled breadth of capability in the sports car segment, from the entry-level rear-wheel drive 221kW four-cylinder model up to the all-wheel drive 423kW V8 R.

Complementing the 12 core paint colours, customers can choose from 16 exclusive colours in the SVO Premium Palette, each one meticulously designed by Special Vehicle Operations.

Jaguar’s sports car lineage spans more than 71 years, beginning with the XK 120. At reveal at the Earls Court Motor Show in October 1948, this beautiful 120mph (193km/h) roadster was the world’s fastest production car.

The new Hot Wheels Jaguar F-TYPE 1:64-scale die cast model sports car will be available in November 2020.

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November 28, 2019

If you wondered why I have been quiet on the internet lately – it is simply because the huge workload it took to get the 200th edition of the Jaguar Magazine compiled, designed and off to the printer.

That happened today, so yes, it is away and also being uploaded onto the internet at Magzter – and here is a little sneak look at the major features.

They include ten pages as above highlighting the events, the people, the cars and the history we have privy to in the past 35 years.

Then there is the discovery of the museum-like best XJR-S in the world. It is one of the last V12 XJ-Ss built, has a six litre V12 engine and travelled less than 8000 kilometres.

We drive the newest updated XE saloon (a favourite of ours) and compare it to the previous model and the fire-breathing XE Project 8. The improvements and restyling cues are impressive.

There have been more than 23 S.S. Jaguar 100s in Australia since the late 1930s, and many of their sporting lives and pieces of history have either been forgotten or not recorded. We find the cars and bring them back to the now in images and words.

Bernard Rubin was one of the heroic Bentley Boys, and won Le Mans with Wolf Barnarto in 1928 – but did you know he was Australia and died just seven years later. How about the first Jaguar to ever cross the line at Le Mans after 24 hours of racing? That happened in 1950 and a works prepared XK120 owned and driven by Nick Haines came home 12th. He too was Australian and died young. Did you realise WO Bentley’s parents were from Adelaide? I am pretty sure you didn’t.

We pay our respects to them all and give them the credit they rightly deserve.

We uncovered the factory-owned two tone 1952 XK120 FHC loaned to Stirling Moss which is now for sale, so dig into its history.

Australian Scott Shearman owns Sir William Lyons luxurious former home, Wappenbury Hall. Scott invited us in and revealed his plans to make the place available for Jaguar lovers to enjoy also.

Our XK150 restoration reaches a climax with the body on the chassis, and now the engine and gearbox installed.

Every heard of an SS120? We have the first of what is planned to be many.

… and much much more is in edition #200 which will be up on Magzter any time now (Thursday Nov 28), and the printed magazine is out and in the mail within a week.

We will sell you a single #200 if you contact us at

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