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Our brand new hard copy edition is out now and in shops or the mail for subscribers. We are very happy with it too.

We drive the all-electric I-Pace for the first time, and find the exclusive truth about the earliest XJ-Ss (really XJ27s built from 1972) – and find the first two are in Australia. They have no VIN numbers so are no really XJ-Ss!

This edition profiles David Hobbs, former Daimler and Jaguar apprentice born of Australian parents, we find one man’s perfect XJ6 Series 1, meet a husband and wife who bought a new limited edition XK-R Portfolio, sold it, bought a Land Rover – and missed the XK-R so much they found and bought it back!

Then there is the historic Reims road track in France which had the most incredible facilities, and where Jaguar made racing history with their C and D-Types. Abandoned since the late 1960s it is now being restored by enthusiastic volunteer devotees.

We give Buyer’s Advice on the fast appreciating early XJ-S models, go to the Retromobile in Paris – and that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

We were founded with the assistance of Jaguar Cars in 1984, and produce our publication to the highest design, printing and content standards using a massive image library and unequalled first hand Jaguar knowledge.

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