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It is a huge and far-ranging magazine with the first rod test by us of the all-electric I-Pace, and the exclusive discovery of the first XJ-Ss being built in 1972!!!

Actually, we have established from those who worked on them at the time, they are XJ27s not XJ-Ss and only ten were built.

We have found the first two of those cars built, and which only had a body number and not a VIN – both survive in Australia. One more might still be alive in the US.

What too of a husband and wife who bought an XK-R Portfolio new, one of only 100 cars built of which ten came to Australia? We brought three of those cars together. The Harlow’s sold their Portfolio, but missed it so much they bought it back! They tell their story.

One man bought an XJ6 Series 1 at 17 and found it was a rust bucket. He vowed to replace it with his ideal XJ6 – and has done that to perfection.

Reims is home to a track where Jaguar was very successful in race and testing. It fell into decay on public roads just out of the city, but now enthusiasts are bringing it back to life.

Then there is the charismatic David Hobbs – his parents were Australian, he was a Daimler/Jaguar Apprentice, F1 and F5000 racer, multi Le Mans podium place-getter, car dealer, race TV commentator and so much more. We profile the great man.

… that is just the start of what we have in this new edition.

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