According to Top Gear’s television show, Jaguar will never stop having a sports car model in its range:

The world is in love with SUVs. Sales are booming and if there’s a niche on stilts that hasn’t been filled we’re yet to think what it could possibly be.

Jaguar now sells three of the things – the F-Pace, E-Pace and all-electric I-Pace. However, director of design Ian Callum has confirmed that no matter how popular SUVs become, the company’s future model line-up will always include a two-door sports car.

Currently represented by the F-Type, Jag has a long history with coupes, and Callum himself has a pretty strong back catalogue in the segment too. The Scotsman has penned the Ford Puma, the Aston Martin DB7 and DB9, the Volvo C70, Jaguar XK and the F-Type. Blimey.

“There will always be a Jag two door coupe in the line-up because that’s the story of what we’re about, and you can’t build a brand without a story,” he says.

“So yes, a two-door coupe is essential to the brand. The volumes may not be high but we will build two-door sports cars and the rest will grow from that.”

The question of potential powertrains is one that Jaguar is keen to avoid though – Callum says ‘either’ when we quiz him on whether a future coupe should be electric or stick to fossil fuels. “You’ll have to wait and see.”

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