Despite leaving the Jaguar C-X75 mid-engine concept at the bottom of a river in a subpar James Bond movie, Jaguar still reportedly has plans to put a mid-engine supercar into production. It could replace the current F-Type and reportedly be called the J-Type.

According to Auto Express, with unclear sourcing, Jaguar wants to replace the F-Type with a hybrid mid-engine supercar utilising some of the battery and motor technology it developed for the all-electric I-Pace. The hybrid Acura NSXis reportedly the benchmark for the new car, with dreams of it also taking on the McLaren 570S and Audi R8. From Auto Express:

The successor to the Jaguar F-Type will embrace hybrid technology and go mid-engined when it launches around 2022, Auto Express can exclusively reveal. And further down the line, Jag could launch a fully-electric version to rival the forthcoming Porsche Taycan.

The mechanical make-up of the car is yet to be finalised, but it’s expected that at least two electric motors, one on each axle to give four-wheel drive, will supplement a mid-mounted V6 engine. If it is to be competitive, a power figure upwards of 550bhp is likely, placing it among competitors such as the McLaren 570S and Audi R8.By “replace,” one has to assume this hybrid supercar will be a lot more expensive than the F-Type, which starts around $60,000.

The report also indicates the platform will be developed with the capability to go fully-electric as well. Since the new car would be completely different from the current F-Type, Auto Express suggests they could label it the J-Type, based on recent trademark applications.

Since the Jaguar C-X75 was only ever a concept car and prototype that came very close to production, and the then a movie villain car, this new J-Type or whatever they call it would only be Jag’s second mid-engine production car, following the sleek XJ220.

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