JLR continues to make news for all the wrong reasons over its successful suing of a Swedish couple who built a replica C-Type, and others it went after unsuccessfully on behalf of Land Rover.

This time a major article in the Sunday Times newspaper over its actions has garnered the full support of well known author, publisher and owner of the XK and E-Type Clubs, Philip Porter.

It also quotes Michael Quinn, Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons’ grandson who was a signifiant Jaguar dealer in London – until JLR withdrew his licence to sell their cars!!! He was also the supplier to the Royal family of Jaguars and Daimlers, and the business had at least two Royal Warrants of Authority which had to be withdrawn too.

Philip is one of the world’s leading supporters of all things Jaguar, and owns a number of very historic cars including the earliest E-Type Coupe.

With this post is a copy of the Sunday Times feature from May 16, – and a photograph of Jaguar Classic’s own replica D-Type and D-Type, not built by it, and which are used for their own commercial purposes.

Considering the fact there are businesses in Coventry, and all over the world building replica Jaguars, as well as enthusiasts in their own garages, plus an estimated 500 plus examples of C-Type replicas alone in existence – it is difficult to begin to understand why JLR is pursing this course and so vigorously.

It is making not just disappointed devotees in a very big way, but enemies and owners who publicly state they refuse to buy new Jaguars and Land Rovers in the future.Does

JLR not understand or care about the priceless and undying support it has always had from owners and enthusiasts in times of crisis – because for multiple reasons of its own making – it is back head-first into another very serious crisis?

Come on Jaguar Land Rover, what in the hell are you doing to what you call your revered ‘brands’ – and which I prefer to call marques. That’s because Jaguars (and Land Rovers) and not dish washers, refrigerators or irons – ie,. ‘products’ – to all of its passionate followers and you NEED them RIGHT NOW.

It’s time for some humble pie from JLR and for it to back off immediately from this nonsense.

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