Jaguar Land Rover Australia will more than double the size of its headquarters this year, when it will, for the first time, merge its sales and marketing office with a training academy in a new facility near Sydney airport (not the image seen here which is Jaguar Land Rover’s HQ in China).

It has for the last decade shared a business park with Volvo, and more recently Kia, 15km north- west of Sydney’s CBD and 25km from its new premises.  Originally it was the headquarters of Ford PAG (Premier Automotive Group) which included Jaguar, Aston Martin and Volvo.  However JLR’s technical training centre was positioned further west, in Parramatta, and was also a shared facility.

According to JLR Australia managing director Matthew Wiesner it made no sense to continue with two sites. We’ve currently had a very separated training facility away from head office here in North Ryde, it has been adequate but not what you would call a very premium environment or advanced given the brands that we have,” Mr Wiesner told GoAuto. “Now we’re bringing everything together, our head office and our training academy. The location is close to the airport, given we have a lot of people coming in from around the country, because movements from the airport to where the training academy is now is another hour or so on the road, and that’s not a great experience for those coming in for various programs. It also gives a presence that we don’t currently have from a commercial perspective. We should be projecting a fairly strong premium presence with the brands that we have, and currently we’re a bit hidden here in North Ryde, and the training academy is hidden out there (in Parramatta).

We should be delivering a much stronger presence for JLR, as this will do so. It’s way overdue from a technical perspective.” JLR Australia has also doubled employee numbers within its current headquarters, from 50 to 100 over the past three years in line with sales growth.

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