Formula E is good and something for the future of motor cars, a little strange today though with Renault pulling and out and Nissan coming into the series.

However, Jaguar’s heart, soul and emotions are all to do with roaring sportscars at Le Mans.

This is not a campaign by us or me, that is none of our business, but having been at Le Mans every year Jaguar raced there as a factory team between 1987 and 1993, and having seen the crowds and their outrageous passion there for Jaguar – wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Jaguar return again?

It has won seven times, but today that palls beside Porsche – yet Jaguar beat them face to face in its two more recent victories there.

So, I am just putting the through out there again.

Race Formula E, that’s fine, but it will never come close to a factory team contesting for the top step of the podium at Le Mans.

Jaguar’s heritage and ‘brand’ is built on it.

Just saying …  What do you reckon?

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