JAGUAR is preparing for its electric i-Pace SUV by taking its brand to the streets with a new advertising campaign that shows o its product line and dispels some stereotypes.

Cleansing historical stereotypes was one message ingrained in the campaign which shows a female Jaguar owner collecting her car at a workshop, peeling o her jacket to reveal a tattooed arm, and driving o in the F-Type coupe.

It aims to show changes in the world and changes in Jaguar. Spark44 Sydney managing director, Jasmin Bedir, told the online trade website Mumbrella: “This work is a departure from the traditional look and feel of the Jaguar brand”.

“The world has moved on and so has Jaguar with 45 per cent of new cars sold to women.  “Women also in influence 80 per cent of car purchase decisions and so the casting in our ads was a deliberate choice as was our insights used.”

Part of the brief was to show a way to introduce Jaguar to a new audience without losing the converted. It also sought to dispel some historical stereotypes and misconceptions, Ms Bedir said.  Jaguar Land Rover marketing director Kevin Nicholls told Umbrella:  “We conducted extensive brand research and identified stereotypes that we wanted to challenge.

“Our new SUVs, E-Pace and F-Pace as well as our halo car, the F-Type are far from conventional, so we briefed an unconventional campaign.”

Last month Dentsu Aegis Network’s Dentsu X opened a Sydney o ce to service JLR’s media account and work with Spark44.

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