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Here is our new cover, featuring the much loved 1955 D-Type which was the first in Australia, returned to England in 2014 – and is now for sale again! It could be yours and has an unbroken history.

We also examine the last model XJ built and explain why represents astounding value for money and is a classic of the near future.

Most importantly at this time of concern for Jaguar’s future – we put into words what Jaguar’s icon essence is all about and why it MUST be protected and loved.

We celebrate 70 years since Jaguar won the Le Mans 24 Hours race for the first time, and revisit the Bowden’s ex-Hodgson racing Mk2 with new vintage images.

We also present the TWO of 16 XK-SS which went to Cuba when new, and were abandoned post the Castro Revolution. We publish quality images of them as they were found in the tropical open – when they got out and went to England in 1987, and as they are today.

Then there’s the personal story of taking delivery in the UK of the first XJ220 to come to the Southern Hemisphere.
… and of course, then is much much more in edition #208.

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