It is time to get serious about our next edition, and aside from wishing you a happy new year, it is good news that the untold story of the beginnings of the XJ-S has grown during the break.

Ed Abbott is a former Jaguar Apprentice who has a business in the UK specialising in Jaguars, and he owns the earliest known production XJ-S in the UK - RHD chassis #8.

It gets better because Ed was part of the development of the XJ-S since the early 1970s, firstly at the Radford plant and later in the Browns Lane Experimental Department, MIRA testing etc.

Since we have confirmed two mystery cars in Australia which look like XJ-Ss - but are XJ27s - number #1 and #2, Ed is the right man to help us put the feature on this three or four year development period prior to the XJ-S's 1975 release, accurately down on paper while writing new Jaguar history.

The photograph here shows one of those two XJ27s as purchased in the UK before shipment to Australia where it still exists in good form, owned by the same family who brought it into the country. I has virtually never been seen in public in its entire life which began in 1972 - or maybe earlier!

Notice the non-standard bonnet bulge and the Series 2 XJ parking lights. They will be explained in the feature.

What an exciting way to start the new year.

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