The C-X75 was the right idea for the wrong time. Had Jaguar come up with it a little later, it might have gone into production. Instead, the concept came out in the midst of the global financial crisis, so this fascinating take on the supercar question – originally powered by electric motors and gas turbines – never happened. Production was mooted for a while before the plug was finally pulled late in 2012.

A handful of prototypes were made, with the turbines replaced by a twin-charged 1.6-litre engine. The total power output was knocking on the door of 900bhp, although the C-X75 that interests us the most is considerably less powerful. We’re talking about the stunt cars built for James Bond film Spectre, one of which has just come up for sale.

The shouty film props were mechanically unrelated to the prototypes, although they were made by the same company – Williams Advanced Engineering. It was built around a tubular spaceframe chassis with composite panels attached, and the suspension came from a 911 GT3 rally car. The reason? Because for filming it needed lots of suspension travel for clattering around Vatican city.

A 542bhp, 5.0-litre supercharged V8 was stuffed in the middle, with the torque limited depending on the gear you were in to avoid the car being snappy on the limit Evo reported after driving one a few years ago. Oh, and it also stopped the car eating driveshafts.

Regardless, that doesn’t mean this example – one of four built for the film – is going to be cheap. It’s up for sale at a dealer Kaaimans International with the price listed as ‘POA’. Anyone want to take a guess at the figure?

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