I don’t believe it has ever been recorded before, despite all of the cars, confusion, fables – and plain bloody mistruths, sometimes for personal gain!

With the help of Richard Hassan, a Student Apprentice at Jaguar when the cars were built in the Experimental Department, and whose fabled father Walter was influential at Jaguar even when he left to create the Coventry Climax F1 engine, so that Richard grew up around experimental Jaguars and then worked with them, we identify the genuine full-scale works ‘Mk1’s built by Jaguar and tell where they are today.

There were surprisingly few you might be surprised to know, and more were exported new out of England than stayed in the UK.

… and yes, there is a very strong link with the famous ‘Mk1’ period racers which won the first and second Australian Touring Car Championships in 1960 and 1961.

Indeed, the ‘Mk1’ Jaguar set Australian racing on the track to craving saloon cars over then ‘thoroughbred’ Formula and Sports cars!

It is told in our coming edition.  For the first time anywhere we tell the full story of which racing Mk1s were ‘works’ built, those which got some special parts and which were fully built by teams …

IT IS ALL NEWLY RECORDED HISTORY – and is fascinatingly important.

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