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Why has the ‘Mk1’, MkVII, MkX, S-Type and 420 etc gone unloved and mostly unnoticed when it comes to collectable Jaguars?
Well, the truth is that mostly it is because they were superseded by even more spectacular models. Jaguar fans turned away to swoon over the Mk2 and others.
My first Jaguar was a 2.4 Litre ‘Mk1’ (JAG 112 here), and while I wrote it off against a very big tree, it’s toughness saved my life and I still have a huge soft spot for the first monocoque boded Jaguar saloon model.
jaguar 1
It was the ground-breaker which opened the Jaguar market up to a different breed of new car buyers back then. When up-graded to 3.4 Litre it because a massive sales and sporting champion for Jaguar around the world.
The first two Australian Touring Car Championships were won by ‘Mk1’s, and David McKay’s first 3.4 won Australians over to touring car racing when it tackled the GM Holden on the track. That passion is something which has never gone away.
jaguar 3
That first McKay ‘Mk1’ was the ‘Grey Pussy’, owned for many years by Jaguar Australia, Chris Haigh and now David Bowden. All three of those cars where modified and prepared at Browns Lane for racing.
Of course, ‘Mk1’s were raced by Mike Hawthorn, Briggs Cunningham, Coombs, Sopwith and other legends – so in edition #186 we are going to focus on the ‘Mk1’, and hopefully help our readers appreciate it all the more, and help preserve some of the finer examples.
An original 2.4 or 3.4 Litre in good condition is a total rarity – but if you do find one they can be bought for ‘peanuts’ compared to XK120s, E-Types and even most XJs.
We will have eight pages of fascinating words – and pics you have mostly never seen before.
In the meanwhile, edition #185 is about to go up in digital format on iTunes, Magzter and Amazon.
There’s lots to look forward to from Jaguar Magazine and if you have suggestions about cars or stories – let me know, please.