This probably a fake D-Type we saw and photographed at JD Classics.

In all the time I have been editing this magazine there has not been so much critical company controversy in one edition.

I am talking about the fact Jaguar is set to lead the world of established motor manufacturers by dropping production of all internal combustion engined cars – in just four years.

The other matter is the controversy it created by suing a Swedish couple for building a C-Type replica.  The replica was built with the full knowledge and blessing of Jaguar Classic, and in the face of businesses and enthusiasts building similar cars for fifty years.  Jaguar Classic even own a replica C and D-Type it uses commercially.  

The result is a massive up-take of international condemnation which we have reported on.  It is something Jaguar does not need or want.  It pursued the couple and won the case in a Swedish court, which devastated the pair who had built the car over a number of years.  We will continue to follow the shenanigans and, if warranted, call out the company for its seemingly illogical action.  

As we have said elsewhere, it needs to attack the many rogues who operate right under their noses, and who they have often associated with over decades.  Those people hide behind a cloak of being dedicated ‘experts’, and continue to make their crooked fortunes faking genuine C and D-Types and move them  on as originals.  That includes a number of Ian Cummins’ brilliant Sydney-built replicas which morphed into ‘originals’ after they were sold into the UK – not by Ian.  We have to include now-defunct JD Classics.  In 2010 they were caught passing the last replica built by Ian in 2008, as the genuine XKD548 – a car never sold by Jaguar!  

After JD Classics was sold, fraud and deceit were alleged against founder and CEO Derek Hood.  Some 18 fakes were part of the case.  They are not the only culprits by a long shot, just too greedy, cocky and obvious.  Hood lost the case against him at £64,000,000 …

On a more positive note – our time with the cover car, a Sorrento Yellow F-TYPE R supercharged V8 was beyond expectations.  Jaguar Cars has still got it, and electric Jaguars have a lot to live up to! 

Les. Hughes