This is what we have lined up for you in edition #201.

I am very sure you won’t have seen anything about 95% of our features.

They include:

D-Type OKV1 – is not the car we all thought!

Driving the last F-TYPE Convertible V8 supercharged R

Discovering and showing all of the locations in and around Le Mans where Jaguar, Ecurie Ecosse and Cunningham (plus the Ford GT40 team) had their bases to prepare the race cars.

A much loved XK150S finds it’s first owner in 1960. The current Australia owners celebrate dinner in London with them!

The much loved and admired Archie Scott Brown, a brave and talented driver who was a champion despite physical deformities he was born with. With input from Ron Gaudion who prepared his D-Type.

S.S. Jaguar 100s. Part two of the lives of particular cars which have been in Australia since 1937.

Jaguar’s new SVO and Jaguar Land Rover Classic. What are they, and where are they?

… and of course, there is loads more to digest and enjoy.

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