Most of heard of Coombs of Guildford, the successful UK Jaguar dealer starting from the 1950s particularly, which raced ‘Mk1’s and Mk2 Jaguar’s with legendary success.

They also offered modified road versions of their race Mk2s, and today there are more ‘Coombs Mk2′ in the world than were ever built.

This photo then will surprise you, because the then tiny Surrey business was founded by John Coombs’ father long before his son made it famous.

In researching the feature for edition #195 on which are the few genuine full works built ‘Mk1’s, I came across this shot of the Coombs dealership in what is seemingly 1955 or 1956.

It was a very humble business, without flash gleaming showrooms, and which put its second-hand cars on the front apron!

And look at what else they sold!  Not just Jaguar but Citroen, Rover and Ford.

The used cars are from left Jensen CV8, eight-bar grille ‘Mk1’, Jensen CV8, ex-works 1954 Le Mans D-Type OKV3 (minus fin and the Le Mans and Reims light in the bonnet), XK140 FHC, Bentley, Morgan and a Mk2 Ford Zephyr.

The humbleness of the place is a shock to many of us.

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