Like everybody, life before the festive season arrives is hectic, and we have been beavering away getting the next edition of Jaguar Magazine ready to publish.

It is now done, and ready to be mailed for your pleasure and entertainment – no matter whether you are up to your eyeballs in snow in the middle of winter – or sweating it out before you get to the beach for Christmas.

Here is a summary of what our major features are in the final edition of the year:

Could the XJ13 have won a sixth Le Mans for Jaguar in the mid to late 60s, especially against the Ford GT40 and Ferraris?  We take in-depth look at what happened to the gorgeous XJ13 and whether it had the potential to be successful in the race it was created to win.  Why did it remain secret, and why was only one built while the GT40 went on to immortality.  The motivation of Sir William Lyons to fund it, the politics of BMH then British Leyland rule, and the determination of Ford to beat Ferrari there are all examined in a 10 page feature.

The V12 E-Type materialised in 1971 and surprised many not just because it was a new E-Type, but because it introduced a brand new sophisticated Jaguar engine when it had only had one since 1951.  A tiny number of development Series 2 FHCs were converted into prototype V12 Series 3s – and also XK engined Series 3!  You will be surprised by the revelations, and find what has happened to each of less than six of the development cars which had their own chassis plate starting with EX***!

The XJ40 is a bit of controversial model – some love it and others don’t.  We go right back to the origins by speaking with some of those who created it, and find the only Scottish media launch XJ40 which has survived.

A long lost XK150 has which has been one family ownership for nearly 60 years has been found – is the same car which sat on the Jaguar stand in 1958 for the Melbourne Motor Show.  It is a rare auto and is in in totally untouched condition.  It was even displayed back at the same Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne at the 2017 Motorclassica!  It’s full life is told.

Larry Perkins is known and loved for his Holden racing and team ownership.  What most forget is that he was a Formula 1 driver for over three seasons – and finished 4th driving a Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-9LM at Le Mans in that magnificent 1988 Jaguar victory year.  We were there for the race, got into all the right places and present exclusive images of Larry, the team, the cars and the race.

… and that is some of what you will get in edition #190.

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