It has just come out of the blue following a phone call from Jordan Roddy, one of the world’s foremost authorities and experts on Jaguar supercars XJ220 and V12 XJR-15.

Regular readers know that three years ago he found a mysterious disguised XJR-15 (one of 50 or so) in Japan, bought it, shipped to Melbourne and restored the car.

Now it is back with him – along now with a mysterious XJ220 which has never been known about …

As we can see above, they now sit side by site in Melbourne.

We have urgently changed our cover, and added this spine tingling revelation of a feature to our coming magazine.

If we are a little late out with edition #195, you now understand why!  It could not be missed.

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Letitia Mace and Rob Jenner are two of the most enthusiastic and hardworking Jaguar devotees we have ever known.  Rob is the former head of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, and Letitia (whose daughter has a senior position at Jaguar), is the founder and editor of Xclusively Jaguar and much more.

We are thrilled that both Letitia and Rob are now also the official distributors of our Jaguar Magazine for those territories, which we have always found difficult to reach.  It is a major breakthrough.

Both are regular contributors to Jaguar Magazine.  We have a strong friendship and passion for Jaguar so they understand us and the magazine very well.

They will have copies with them at events they attend, but to find more now, or just plain get the magazine as it is published, contact them at your convenience.

Details will soon be released at

The email address is

07836 687898

Rated: ‘Best Jaguar magazine in the world’.

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New Jaguar Land Rover technology using Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) connects cars to traffic lights so drivers can avoid getting stuck at red and help free up traffic flow in cities.

The world’s first traffic lights were installed exactly 150 years ago outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Since then drivers around the globe have spent billions of hours waiting for green. However with Jaguar Land Rover’s latest tech, their days could be numbered.

The Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) system allows cars to “talk” to traffic lights and inform the driver the speed they should drive as they approach junctions or signals.

Widespread adoption of the V2X technology will prevent drivers from racing to beat the lights and improve air quality by reducing harsh acceleration or braking near lights. The goal is for the V2X revolution to create free-flowing cities with fewer delays and less commuter stress.

The connected technology is currently being trialled on a Jaguar F-PACE, as part of a £20 million collaborative research project.

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The electric Jaguar I-Pace crossover made up nearly 10 percent of Jaguar’s total sales in October, according to reports. That’s a pretty huge piece of the pie chart for a new, all-electric luxury vehicle, in a world where a lot of people want more efficient cars but a small fraction are currently buying them.

Jaguar Land Rover reported sales of 44,282 globally in October, with 13,764 of them at Jaguar and 30,518 coming from the other half of the name, Land Rover.

Inside EVs wrote after the numbers came out that 1,200 of Jaguar’s 13,764 sales were of the I-Pace, which would mean Jag’s new EV—rated at 234 miles of range and 394 horsepower—made up 8.7 percent of sales last month.

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Jaguar has developed two F-TYPE Convertible rally cars, with design cues from the F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition, to continue its celebration of 70 years of sports car heritage since the XK 120 was revealed in 1948.

The one-off F-TYPE rally cars also pay homage to the legendary Jaguar XK 120 registered ‘NUB 120’ which, in the early 1950s in the hands of Ian Appleyard, completed three consecutive Alpine Rallies without incurring a single penalty point, and won the RAC and Tulip.

Both rally-specification F-TYPE Convertibles are powered by Jaguar’s 221kW 2.0-litre Ingenium four-cylinder petrol engine.

With modifications overseen by Jaguar Design and Engineering, both cars were built to FIA specification, with comprehensively uprated brakes and suspension fitted alongside a protective rollcage, race-seats with six-point harness, bonnet-mounted light pod and fire extinguisher.

Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, said: “The opportunity to design a rally car doesn’t come along very often so I was fascinated to see how we could take our modern day sports car to a similar character.

“These models are a fitting tribute to the XK 120 and all the great Jaguar sports cars since its reveal 70 years ago, including the latest F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition.”

The rally F-TYPEs feature upgrades to the brakes, suspension and drivetrain including the addition of grooved discs with four-piston calipers front and rear.

Hand-built competition dampers and softer springs ensure the high performance cars can be driven flat-out over rough rally stages.

Three-way adjustable dampers allow the cars to be tuned for different surfaces and feature spherical bearings for added precision.

With motorsport-spec wheels and tyres specifically for use on gravel, a limited-slip differential improves power delivery on loose surfaces while a hydraulic handbrake helps drivers tackle hairpin bends.

The celebratory models were put through their paces at Walters Arena rally stage, South Wales, to demonstrate their performance credentials and will now attend a series of Jaguar events over the next few months.

The rally cars’ livery takes design inspiration from the new F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition, which features a range of subtle exterior visual enhancements, including unique 20-inch Gloss Black wheels with a Diamond Turned finish and a Black Contrast roof on the Coupé.

Inside, the luxurious Ebony Windsor Leather interior features Performance seats with embossed Chequered Flag headrests and a Dark Brushed Aluminium centre console trim finisher.