Beautiful, creating history and sounding amazing with that V12 engine.

I could never have dreamed I would be at Le Mans in 1988 when Jaguar won there again for the first time as a factory entry since 1955 (56 and 57 were Ecurie Ecosse).

Sadly, Andrew Whyte, who was to be with us, died unexpectedly just weeks before, but I still went with Roger and Penny Woodley, plus Richard and Carol Hassan.

There were five Silk Cut Jaguars – this would be the winner of the race!

I also had a full press and photographer’s pass – so could get almost anywhere, see what I wanted, and get inside images including these here.

I stayed there for the entire 24 Hours of the race, and when it was over I felt almost as tired as the drivers and crew. But what a thing it was when Silk Cut Jaguar #2 crossed the line and won the only race in its short career.

Larry Perkins in car #22.

Silk Cut Jaguar #22 with Larry Perkins, Danny Sullivan and Kevin Cogan was a fabulous 4th and crossed the line with the winning V12 engined car.

The winning crew showing their tiredness being driven to press interviews.

I have never experienced such joy and passion for a race victory, and won’t again. ‘God Save The Queen’ played up and down jammed pit straight for 20 minutes non-stop, girls got their tops off and climbed onto the Nissan pit roof (next to Jaguar) and the winning car was surrounded by a true sea of celebrating Jaguar fans with Jan Lammers escaping to the roof.

Jan Lammers on the roof with fans going crazy for joy.

Driving back to our accommodation in Richard’s Series 3 XJ12, locals flanked the roads for kilometres and cheered and waved at the Jaguar.

Entirely spontaneous – the boys loved it, of course!

The win truly put Jaguar back on the road to success, and to have been there, and up close, for an historic win like this was something never to forget.

While everyone parties …

I do hope Jaguar returns to Le Mans and in the next few years. That is where it wears its competition heart.

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