Lofty England 4th left.

The famous factory Mk2 3.8 which achieved 10,000 miles in a four days of driving at Monza, at an average lap speed (including the banked track) of 105 mph, was sold to Australian then double World F1 Champion, Jack Brabham.

Kiwi Phil Kerr, who ran controlled Jack’s non-racing business interests, spoke with Lofty England who ran the enduro for Jaguar, and was told by Lofty he would like Jack to buy the car.

Lofty and Jack were good friends, but Jack said he didn’t need the Mk2 – until Phil talked him around. Phil drove the car more than anyone then because his very good Kiwi mate, Bruce McLaren, bought racing Mk2 3.8 (RHD chassis #14) new from Lofty and loved it!

After the endurance effort the car was taken back to Browns Lane, fully rebuilt and the engine changed.

According to Kerr, Jack sold it a year later to a serious enthusiast who appreciated its significance.

Do we know who that was, and if it has survived?

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