It is a car which has defied all the odds to survive almost totally original, yet it has never been fully understood and linked to images from all stages of its career.

This amazing and unique 1955 colour image of the car being towed to Bathurst by its owner hints at much more.

It is very well known in Australia as the car imported by Cessnock doctor John Boorman, and crashed heavily twice by him. It was repaired and raced by Frank Gardner, then passed through many hands before it was acquired by Ian Cummins in the early 1970s.

Ian fully restored it for the first time, but it still remained with a non-standard bonnet.

Ot was built by the factory for Le Mans in 1953, and race debuted as a factory entry by Stirling Moss at Silverstone – who rolled it. After being repaired overnight it started second on Sunday.

It next went to a Kenyan owner who raced it in Europe including Northern Ireland (crashed heavily again), Silverstone and Reims.

Then it came to Australia where Dr Boorman won in it, and Frank Gardner scored almost countless wins to set up his career in Europe.

It has since then been to the USA for some years and is now back in Europe.

XKC037 has more great surprises, and will star in our coming edition. After much research we have good images of it at almost every race meeting it entered.

For the near 25 years it was in Australia it didn’t get the respect it deserved – except from ‘Cummo’. That is about to be addressed finally.

Sadly, there are no genuine C or D-Types left in Australia after having over a combined dozen of them.

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