Strangely enough, our editor and founder was born in the same grimy inner Melbourne industrial suburb as Bob Jane, and later in his life we spent a surprising amount of time with the businessman and racing champion.

That included a full five days at the Brisbane Motor Show where we shared a stand on which Bob sold his Jaguar signed posters – assisted by our future Road Test Editor, Tristan Hughes (as seen here)!

His very very famous Mk2 was on the stand with us, and we also later had a special half day with Bob, one-on-one at the Gold Coast, when he spoke to us about his life love of Jaguar and career.

He raced a Coombs Mk2 in 1962 at Aintree and created massive controversy there, then his Lightweight E-Type at Brands Hatch in 1965.  He owned his Mk2 when he died, and previously a D-Type, his FHC E-Type racer, Lwt E-Type, 30,000 mile MkV and MkV DHC.

He was appointed a Jaguar dealer in Melbourne – and Jaguar’s sales success in Australia in the 1960s owes a massive debt to Bob Jane’s profile.

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