For some editions we have planned a tribute to the tiny man, often labelled as an engineering genius, Alfred Momo, who was born in Italy, emigrated to the US with his wife, ran his own engineering business in Queens, New York, and from 1949 managed all of the legendary Briggs Cunningham’s racing activities.

However, I had good idea about Alfred, but have been massively surprised by how much more there was to the man, and how much Jaguar learned from him – including the 3.8 litre XK engine – which he built and raced before the factory.  I was very fortunate to meet Briggs at his closed  museum in 1988, but which still had quite a few of his cars there including his Long Nose D-Type.  He was enormously modest, self effacing and quite (he and his wife being declared the richest couple in the world when they married), and Alfred Momo was exactly the same.

This is undoubtedly the reason Alfred at least, has been as good as forgotten!

However, he was also appointed, by new East Coast (USA) distributor Briggs, in 1955, as the official Jaguar dealer for New York, and together they built a massive on premises on Long Island to service, prepare for sale, sell, and repair Jaguars (and Maserati) for the entire eastern half of the US.

He prepared all of the Cunningham team cars including two works-loaned Long Nose D-Types, the unique E2A and three Lightweight E-Types in the Queens, building.  Today it is totally unloved, unknown and closing in on dereliction!!!

His wife Mary was the Cunningham team’s ‘mother’ and timekeeper, but what happened to them?

Believe me, we have worked hard to find that out and we will publish it all for the first time anywhere – the full story on the great Alfredo Momo.

It is gobsmacking – and long overdue!

It is the first feature in our coming edition

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