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The future range of all-electric Jaguars has now been decided, and work is ongoing to source or create the architecture that will underpin the reinvented British brand’s models from 2025.

Speaking to Autocar in his first one-on-one interview since joining Jaguar Land Rover last September, boss Thierry Bolloré said that there will be a “family” of more upmarket, luxury Jaguars, positioned where nobody else sits in the market, as part of his Reimagine plan for JLR.Bolloré pointed to the Range Rover line’s positioning (as a maker of uniquely sized and styled cars priced far above what might be considered its conventional rivals) as the kind of area that Jaguar will sit in, and that the brand won’t seek to create targeted rivals to the likes of Porsche, Bentley or even Aston Martin.“

Look at Range Rover,” said Bolloré. “It’s satisfactory on price and profit levels, and we haven’t yet reached the ceiling. The price is extraordinary, and we have the volumes.”Range Rover is “unique in its positioning” said Bolloré, adding that the SUV sub-brand is still selling in large volumes.

He explained that the plan for Jaguar is to create “distinct cars with no overlap”. They will be “really modern luxury cars that are the copy of nothing in style or design, the top of technology and refinement, but not looking backwards”.

He continued: “In desire, it’s similar to Range Rover. We enjoy this type of positioning for Range Rover; for Jaguar, we’re not looking for volume, but there’s space where there are more than 2000 customers”.

While Range Rover provides the business model for Jaguar to pursue, its cars won’t be SUVs or crossovers, instead uniquely shaped, lower-slung cars with no direct rivals.

Bolloré explained that JLR chief creative officer Gerry McGovern organised a design contest within the firm’s newly united design team to create inspiration for future Jaguars. The team was split into three, and in just three months, they created designs and models that would normally take 18 months. Bolloré said this produced “incredible creativity” and that the design direction and family of models for Jaguar was now decided.“

The proportions are crucial to get what we want from Jaguar,” said Bolloré. “The platform is a consequence of proportions we’ve decided on. They’re absolutely bespoke.”To that end, Jaguar is now looking for an all-electric architecture that is “easy to change in size as necessary” and will support its model plans, but it’s yet to decide whether to create its own or source one from a third party.

A “permanently and significantly updated” I-Pace SUV will be the only Jaguar to survive into the new generation of models due from 2025, but it will be considered separately to the firm’s new-generation cars.All other Jaguar models will continue to be updated but won’t be replaced at the end of their lives, and the firm’s Castle Bromwich factory will then be repurposed to consolidate various other JLR sites dotted around the English Midlands that already perform the same jobs, such as prototype builds.

Explaining why Jaguar is in need of such a dramatic reinvention, Bolloré said that it’s “damaged”. He added: “The cars have never been as good as in 2021, but the positives of the brand aren’t appreciated compared with the competition.“

Today, when you listen to customers, they see [a Jaguar], like the car and test the car, and they still go and buy an Audi or a BMW. That’s the problem. People buy the originals, then. We aren’t the originals. We have to get the positioning of Jaguar much different, higher and more original.”

On the decision to axe the electric XJ replacement just before launch, Bollore said it was the “toughest decision in the process, absolutely” but that the only thing it had in common with Jaguar’s future was that it was all-electric.

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Buying a new Jaguar has just become much simpler with Find & Reserve making it easier for Australian buyers to have the Jaguar they want.

Find & Reserve builds relationships between dealers and customers and helps to facilitate purchases of new Jaguar vehicles through an online transaction process using the popular and easy PayPal™ payment system.

Find & Reserve enables customers to reserve certain Jaguar products – new vehicles, demonstrator cars or approved used Jaguar vehicles – at their convenience, in a secure environment and with a refundable $1000 deposit. Product reservation is only possible through authorised retailers who have made their product available on Find & Reserve

Scott Maynard, Jaguar Land Rover Australia Sales Director, said that while retailers love having customers visit to look at new vehicles, they understand the time pressures placed on people every day.

Buyers log onto the Jaguar website, select their preferred dealer or nominate their geographical location, scroll through the vehicles on offer and, when they find the one they want, click on ‘Reserve Now’ and follow the prompts.
After filling-in their personal details a summary of the customer and the vehicle details is displayed, and the customer directed to the PayPal™ window to pay a deposit.

When the Reservation deposit is paid the vehicle is listed as Under Offer.

“Buyers log into the Jaguar website, choose their preferred retailer online, look at the range, choose ‘their’ model and variant, select the exterior and interior colour scheme and add any options they want. They are then given a drive-away price,” Scott Maynard said.

“They can book a test drive, get a quote and even have an online chat with a sales consultant. Once everything is in place, buyers just click on ‘Reserve’ and secure their Jaguar by making an online deposit using PayPal™. It’s that easy.

“Put simply, there has never been an easier, more convenient way to buy a new or approved used Jaguar,” Scott said.

Prices given to buyers include the manufacturer’s list price, 12 months registration, compulsory third party insurance, delivery charges, stamp duty, luxury car tax if applicable and the options chosen.

Buyers can step into the real world at any time, too, visiting the dealership to finalise their new Jaguar purchase and ask any questions they may have about their new car.

“Find & Reserve and PayPal have combined to create an exciting new Jaguar buying experience,” Scott Maynard said.

“Whether buyers are new arrivals to the brand or long-term devotees, Find & Reserve brings important new benefits to the Jaguar buying process and the level of convenience and security offered by PayPal is nothing short of impressive.

“Buying a new Jaguar at a time and place that suits the customer – It doesn’t get any better than that.”

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Ron Gaudion is a 91 year old legend we know very well at Jaguar Magazine.

He was one of two crew members on the winning D-Type Jaguars at Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957.

He worked for both Jaguar and Ecurie Ecosse in their most important engineering challenges and is the only person who was part of each of Jaguar’s D-Type Le Mans victories.

We had lunch with Ron just a few days ago and loved chatting with him about his Jaguar life, his friendship with Ron Flockhart and others – and how things really happened then.

With us were Jaguar devotees Peter Tett and his lovely wife Tricia – Peter’s father having won the important 1937 Blackpool Rally.

Ron has owned his X-Type for 17 years, and is heavily involved with the JDC on the Queensland Gold Coast. He is Patron of the Jaguar Drivers Club of Queensland.

What a privilege it was to spend time with a man who made such significant Jaguar history.

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