Jaguar has teamed up with Canon Europe to capture the F-PACE in cinematic 5.9K clarity using the latest camera technology. Dynamic footage of Jaguar’s performance SUV was captured during the professional debut of the new Canon EOS C500 Mark II camera.

The film captures the F-PACE range – including the 405kW, V8 supercharged SVR model – and its breadth of luxury and performance. The F-PACE SVR showcased its dynamic ability, courtesy of its specially tuned chassis, on the twisting hairpin bends of Velefique, southern Spain. The powerful SVR accelerates from 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds.

Jaguar worked with Canon to build the ultimate camera vehicle for the shoot. The crew rigged an F-PACE with a highly-advanced Russian Arm – a remote-controlled camera crane – fitted with Canon’s new EOS camera. The vehicle was covered in a purposeful matte black body wrap to minimise reflections in the subject vehicles during filming.

Andy Hunt Cooke, Jaguar Global Brand Communications, said: “Filming a technologically advanced and powerful SUV like F-PACE calls for a state-of-the-art camera system. It’s a privilege for Jaguar to be the first car manufacturer to put the new-generation Cinema EOS System to the test and this film really captures the dynamic character and luxurious interior of the award-winning F-PACE performance SUV.”

Just as the professional-quality camera can be fine-tuned to suit a variety of complex filming tasks, customers can also personalise the driving experience of F-PACE using Jaguar’s Configurable Dynamics. The intuitive technology allows drivers to tailor the vehicle set-up to suit their personal preference by choosing Normal or Sports settings for the suspension, throttle response, gearbox and steering.

F-PACE features double-wishbone front and Integral Link rear suspension to provide dynamic handling and comfort; attributes which helped the camera rig maintain its composure on the twisting mountain roads.

The Advanced Electronic Image Stabilisation of the Canon EOS C500 Mark II and Dual Pixel Auto Focus functionality ensured both SUVs remained perfectly in focus throughout, with the camera suspended from the highly manoeuvrable arm of the crane system.

The new camera shoots 5.9K quality footage at up to 60 frames per second. When travelling at its 283km/h top speed, the F-PACE SVR covers 78.7 metres every second, which means the performance SUV would travel just 1.31m in the time taken for the advanced new camera to capture a single frame.

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The London Concours, presented by Montres Breguet, has announced the second of its special feature displays – The Collector –  which each year shines a light on one individual’s personal car collection. This year, London Concours’ Collector is none other than famed automotive designer, Ian Callum CBE.

Ian has been at the forefront of automotive design for decades, penning designs for the likes of Ford, TWR Design, Jaguar Land Rover and is a founding member of new design and engineering business – CALLUM. Having designed veritable icons like the Aston Martin Vanquish and most Jaguar products from the early 2000s until 2019, Ian’s own car collection is a fascinating insight into his own personal milestone moments in car design and engineering. Ian will showcase his very own Jaguar XJC, Porsche 911 (993), 1932 Ford Model B and more; each subtly modified by the man himself to emphasise their design.

However, most cars in Ian’s collection aren’t as they rolled off the factory floor; nearly all have been subtly modified by the man himself to emphasise the beauty of their individual designs.

A 1976 Jaguar XJ Coupé, a car Callum considers to be one of the most beautiful cars ever designed by Jaguar and his favourite alongside the Jaguar Mk2, is one of the last cars designed by Jaguar founder, Sir William Lyons. The pillarless doors are subtly modified to emphasise the Coupé’s iconic profile. 

Keeping it British for now, the Triumph TR6 is a car that Ian Callum believes to be one of the best-looking traditional sports cars, boasting ‘inherent visual strength’.  

A Porsche of some form or another had to form part of the collection; a design that hasn’t changed drastically in 50 years but has evolved gradually. His Porsche 911(993) was designed by his friend and fellow Brit, Tony Hatter, and has been subtly tweaked by Ian to emphasise its lines.

Legendary Italian designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, is a great hero of Ian’s, and one of his most famous designs had to form part of the collection. A sprightly Alfa Romeo Giulia GTV plays the role perfectly, highlighted by Ian for its slim pillars and excellent visibility form the cabin.

On a different tack, a Ford Hot Rod completes the display, with a big block engine and simple design ringing true for Ian. His chopped 1932 Ford Model B will be sitting loud and proud on the lawn among the rest of the European models.

At the London Concours 2020, taking place from 10-11 June, a group of the world’s fastest road and track cars will amass on the lawns of the Honourable Artillery Company HQ – just a stone’s throw from Bank and Moorgate in the City of London – transformed into motoring nirvana for just two days. Over 100 automotive icons will gather in classes, ranging from ‘The Dinos’ to the ‘The Pursuit of Speed’.

Andrew Evans, London Concours Director said: “Having Ian Callum as The Collector at London Concours this year is a real honour for us. Our event is a celebration of automotive passion, and the unique ways in which we all appreciate cars. In Ian’s case, we can see cars designed by heroes and friends, as well as those designs that clearly hold a place in his heart – albeit with some of his own subtle revisions. We’re very much looking forward to welcoming Ian’s cars onto the hallowed lawns of London’s HAC, where they can deliver an insight for our audience into one of the finest car designers Britain has produced.”

The London Concours 2020 takes place from 10-11 June. 

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Chris and David Bowden, Kevin Bartlett – and THE CAR.

It is a thrill to publish these images of the Ron Hodgson racing Mk2 which finished 3rd in the 1961 Australian Touring Car Championship (behind two other Jaguars), because after more than 50 years in hiding the same car is about to reappear.

It is 95% ready to go and one of the key men advising and working on the car is legendary driver Kevin ‘KB’ Bartlett – who showed us over the Mk2 in detail.  He worked on it when it was new so knows everything about it.

The Hoddo Mk2, his replica and his ‘Grey Pussy’ – with David Bowden and ‘KB’.

We are going to follow this up once the car complete, and knowing the it from when it was a bare shell owned by the late-Paul Cotter, right through the rebuild and to this – is going to make a unique feature.

Hoddo in the Mk2 leads Bill Pitt in the works-built 1959 racer at the 1961 Australian Touring Car Championship race at Lowood. Hoddo was third and Bill first.

To make it even more intriguing, the Bowdens also own the Mk2 clone which Hoddo built right before he died, and the incredibly historic ‘Grey Pussy’ works-built McKay/Hoddo/Geoghegan ‘Mk1’ which started Australia’s love affair with touring cars!!!

Well done to the Bowdens and all who have worked to revive this precious historic Jaguar.

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This is what we have lined up for you in edition #201.

I am very sure you won’t have seen anything about 95% of our features.

They include:

D-Type OKV1 – is not the car we all thought!

Driving the last F-TYPE Convertible V8 supercharged R

Discovering and showing all of the locations in and around Le Mans where Jaguar, Ecurie Ecosse and Cunningham (plus the Ford GT40 team) had their bases to prepare the race cars.

A much loved XK150S finds it’s first owner in 1960. The current Australia owners celebrate dinner in London with them!

The much loved and admired Archie Scott Brown, a brave and talented driver who was a champion despite physical deformities he was born with. With input from Ron Gaudion who prepared his D-Type.

S.S. Jaguar 100s. Part two of the lives of particular cars which have been in Australia since 1937.

Jaguar’s new SVO and Jaguar Land Rover Classic. What are they, and where are they?

… and of course, there is loads more to digest and enjoy.

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