We love the Jaguar XJ-R and have run one for many years.  The first supercharged XJ-R was the X300 six cylinder model, and that was replaced by the V8 powered supercharged XJ-R in 1997.  It is the last steel bodied XJ model built.  It is also relatively simple  work on and is an ideal car to rebuild in your own garage.

Today we inspected a perfect project X308 XJ-R and photographed it for our next edition.

It is totally original, but neglected in many aspects – however they are only superficial problems.

Sale details are in the magazine – but our full report might just inspire you to find your own collectors Jaguar to restore …

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Princess Diana at the wheel of her Jaguar XJS

A notable Jaguar XJ-S Cabriolet with royal connections will be one of a record number of stunning retro cars from the halcyon heydays of motoring appearing at next month’s London Classic Car Show at ExCeL London (15-18 February).

While many of the 700+ wonderful automotive icons on display will have their own incredible histories, few if any will have better stories to tell than this totally one-off 150mph Jaguar – a sportscar which was fashioned especially for Diana, Princess of Wales.

Dating back to 1983 this famous XJ-SC was not only one of the most photographed cars of its era but was also totally unique, built to the Princess’ own bespoke specification.

While the other 5,012 cabriolets created in Coventry between 1983 and 1988 were all hedonistic two-seater speedsters, this stately XJ-SC (reg E763KYX) was uniquely fitted with two small rear seats just so the young Princes William and Harry could ride along with their mother and her bodyguard. It is generally accepted that the Princess enjoyed driving her custom-made Jag so much that her protection officer was often relegated to the front passenger seat!

Additionally, the V12 powered regal cabriolet features an individually made, and permanently fixed, rear hard top to ensure that the two Princes could not strike their heads on the solid targa roof bar in the event of an accident.

Also, unlike any other XJS, the once royal roadster is fitted with personalised leather and Harris Tweed seat trims, chosen by Princess Diana. What’s more the exterior bodywork came with four round headlights similar to those seen on the US export and was finished in British Racing Green to match the Aston Martin that husband Prince Charles had acquired around the same time.

The Princess was regularly seen driving this majestic model from 1987 to 1991. Then, when the two Princes outgrew their small rear seats, she sold it to the Jaguar Heritage Trust, an educational charity established to preserve the legacy of Jaguar for the nation, in exchange for a contribution to one of her own charitable causes.

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The Jaguar I-PACE all-electric performance SUV has won the What Car? 2018 Reader Award, securing it the title of the most anticipated new car of 2018.

What Car? readers chose Jaguar’s first all-electric model from a shortlist of 12 cars due to go on sale this year, including new models from Tesla, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. The award was presented in London last night.

I-PACE combines a supercar silhouette with sports car performance and five-seater versatility. Jaguar’s designers and engineers have used the new electric vehicle architecture to tear up the rule book on usability. I-PACE occupies less road space than conventional mid-size SUVs, yet offers more room for passengers and luggage than models in the segment above.

Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, said: “The I-PACE is a radical departure for electric vehicles. It’s the product of authentic Jaguar design DNA matched with the most advanced electrification technology and British craftsmanship. Winning this award endorses our decision of dramatic, future-facing design and is a great testament of customer reactions to our first-ever battery-powered electric vehicle.”

Steve Huntingford, What Car? Editor, said: “Ever since the reveal of the Jaguar I-PACE Concept in late 2016 we’ve seen it garner a huge amount of interest from our readership. SUV sales show no signs of slowing down, and zero emissions vehicles are only set to get more and more popular, so the I-PACE is entering the market at exactly the right time. It certainly won’t be the only all-electric SUV going on sale in 2018, but as our Reader Award proves, it’s the one that most of our audience is excited about seeing.”

The I-PACE will be the newest member of Jaguar’s ‘PACE’ family of SUVs, joining the F-PACE and recently launched E-PACE. The F-PACE has won more than 70 major global awards, and became the fastest-selling Jaguar ever, selling more than 100,000 since it went on sale in April 2016. The Jaguar E-PACE compact performance SUV is also available to order now, priced from £28,500.

Pricing and specifications will be announced in March 2018, when order books will open for full configurations. Thousands of potential customers have already pressed the ‘I want one’ button on to place a deposit or register a strong interest.

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I want to share here two major Jaguar features coming up in our edition #191 because I am very proud of them – and think the subjects we concentrate on should be recognised more widely internationally.

The first is a six page profile about Alfred Momo, the pocket-sized Italian-born American lauded as an engineering genius, and who was a successful legendary engineer on a grand scale before teaming up with great Briggs Cunningham in New York.

He prepared and oversaw the management of Briggs’ team of over 100 race cars, and did that from tailor-made building in Queens.  It hasn’t been explained until now, but he was the co-owner, with Briggs, of Jaguar’s significant New York dealership on Manhattan!  He serviced all of the new Jaguars sold in the eastern side of the U.S. before their sale, and later the cars they sold themselves.

They were also distributors for a number of Italian marques – and while Briggs built his own Cunninghams, Alfred established and built luxury Momos!

These are just the teaser headlines too!

The other story I am delighted with is the ten page feature we are publishing on the Jaguar works and Ecurie Ecosse Long Nose D-Type XKD603.

We have put this one together with the co-operation of its doting owner Clive Beecham, and delve into its Le Mans history which includes one second placing and four Le Mans in a row!

It is one of the most raced Long Nose D-Types, almost certainly the most original – and one of only six genuine ones in existence – of the eleven built.

Neither of these stories have been told in full like this before and took an enormous amount of research.  Most of the period images we are publishing with them have never been seen before!

I promise that if you are new to Jaguar, or an established devotee, these stories will captivate you – and are ones newer luxury marques would love to be able to tell about themselves!

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In our coming edition we road test Jaguar’s first four cylinder sports car ever – the 2.0 litre turbo charged four cylinder Ingenium powered F-Type.

Now Jaguar Land Rover’s 250PS 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine has been recognised as one of the 10 Best Engines for 2018 by WardsAuto.

For 2018, a total of 32 new or significantly improved powertrains from a number of automotive manufacturers were tested by WardsAuto’s editors in real-life, on-road driving conditions. This year’s 10 Best Engines were selected based on a range of testing criteria including, but not limited to, maximum power output, fuel economy, noise characteristics and new technology.

The all-aluminium Ingenium 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine delivers performance, efficiency and refinement without compromise. Jaguar’s first compact SUV, the E-PACE, is the latest model to feature the 250PS Ingenium powertrain; accelerating from 0-60mph in as little as 6.6 seconds and delivering fuel economy of up to 36.7 mpg.

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