February 12, 2017
Jaguar’s genius designer Malcolm Sayer was an aerodynamicist who was responsible for creating the awesome C-Type, D-Type, E-Type, XJ13 and XJ-S.
His works are amongst some of the greatest automotive designs of all time, and I truly look at the original and unique XJ13 more as a sculpture than a racing sports car. Fortunately it didn’t end up with wings in the late ’60s, and Malcolm hated vents and other bits and pieces which he found ruined the airflow.
Now a sculptor in silver thinks the same thing, and has created this stunning pure silver Long Nose D-Type as purely something with is to be displayed.
I don’t know a lot about it yet, this image having been sent through by E-Type owner Roy Walenn, but I do know you can have it for US$55,000.
The ultimate trophy in the your ‘Mans Cave’? Perhaps … not.


February 11, 2017
A Coventry firm which supplies machinery to manufacturers, including in the car industry, wants to build a new factory at the former Jaguar site at Browns Lane .
The application by Expert Tooling and Automation is for a factory, offices, a service yard suitable for heavy goods vehicles and car park.
The company wants to build them on a plot of unused land set aside for development at Lyons Park off Coundon Wedge Drive.
Houses in Lyons Drive back on to part of the site and the RSPCA’s animal centre in Coundon Wedge Drive is close to one corner.
Initially the plot was set aside for offices but nobody has came forward wanting to build any.
The company has its Midlands headquarters in Wickman’s Drive, Tile Hill, Coventry and makes production equipment for a range of sectors including the automotive industry, aerospace, and the medical industry.
People have chance until the end of February to tell Coventry City Council what they think about the proposals. A decision is expected from planners early in March.
The whole of Lyons Park was given outline planning permission for development in 2009 not long after the Jaguar factory was demolished. Several companies have already moved in.
In December last year, council planners gave permission for a 40,000 metre square warehouse at Lyons Park, which is believed to be for online retail giant Amazon .
The plans, which would create an estimated 1,600 jobs – and even more at Christmas, prompted major opposition with more than 100 objections lodged over complaints including noise, congestion and light pollution.
Browns Lane began as a Daimler-owned Second World War shadow factory before Jaguar took over the site in 1950 and maintained car production until 2005. Among the most famous models made at the factory were the E-Type along with the XJ and XK.
In 2005 when the factory closed under a Ford sell-out, production moved to the Castle Bromwich plant leaving only the wood veneer operation which moved shortly afterwards.
Tragically, the iconic buildings were demolished in 2008.


February 10, 2017
If you can’t get it, you can subscribe and have it delivered to your door.
I have just had notification that our new edition is available in digital form from iTunes, Magzter and Amazon.
For a number of reasons outside our control it was held up in the uploading process.
We have three major features starring the awesome F-Type SVR Coupe – but the one I am most proud of is the major story on the great – and under-appreciated – U.S. motoring racing, America’s Cup winning yacht owner and Captain – plus patriot, Briggs Cunningham.
I was very honoured to spend a few hours with the great man at his former museum in 1990, when there were quite a few cars still parked including his Long Nose D-Type XKD507, his Cunningham Le Mans racers and his mother’s personal vehicles including a Mercer Runabout and a Baker electric car …
You really need to read it all to appreciate what a wonderful and self effacing honourable gentleman he was. While was not a wild and showy type – he did march to his own drum. In a very subtle way!


February 10, 2017
The 2017 Jaguar F-PACE has been named Best Luxury Utility vehicle by the nationally broadcast television series MotorWeek as part of its annual Drivers’ Choice Awards. Presented during the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, these awards recognize the best new cars and trucks throughout the industry.
Designed and engineered to offer the agility, responsiveness and refinement that all Jaguar models are renowned for, the F-PACE has taken Jaguar DNA and added enhanced practicality and space. The Drivers’ Choice Award is the latest in an ever-growing list of industry honors that the F-PACE has received since its 2016 introduction, and acknowledges the brand’s successful delivery of a performance SUV that truly resonates with consumers.
“We are honored to have the F-PACE recognized by MotorWeek for Best Luxury Utility vehicle,” said Kim McCullough, Vice President, Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC. “As the Jaguar brand’s first-ever SUV, the F-PACE stands out among an impressive field of competition for its sleek design and unparalleled driving dynamics.”
The annual MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Awards are selected based on criteria that matter most to consumers – driving performance, technology, practicality, fuel efficiency and value. Awards are given in a variety of lifestyle categories including Best Small Car, Best Family Sedan, Best Convertible, Best Luxury Sedan and Best Luxury Utility. This year’s awards are based on 2017 model year vehicles.
“The Jaguar F-PACE simply wowed us,” said MotorWeek host, John Davis. “For their first attempt at a luxury SUV, Jaguar could have played it safe. Clearly, they did not. The F-PACE checks all the typical luxury boxes, and then tops rivals with benchmark performance. So, not only is the F-PACE a great luxury SUV, it’s a great Jaguar!”


February 9, 2017
jaguar 2
Why has the ‘Mk1’, MkVII, MkX, S-Type and 420 etc gone unloved and mostly unnoticed when it comes to collectable Jaguars?
Well, the truth is that mostly it is because they were superseded by even more spectacular models. Jaguar fans turned away to swoon over the Mk2 and others.
My first Jaguar was a 2.4 Litre ‘Mk1’ (JAG 112 here), and while I wrote it off against a very big tree, it’s toughness saved my life and I still have a huge soft spot for the first monocoque boded Jaguar saloon model.
jaguar 1
It was the ground-breaker which opened the Jaguar market up to a different breed of new car buyers back then. When up-graded to 3.4 Litre it because a massive sales and sporting champion for Jaguar around the world.
The first two Australian Touring Car Championships were won by ‘Mk1’s, and David McKay’s first 3.4 won Australians over to touring car racing when it tackled the GM Holden on the track. That passion is something which has never gone away.
jaguar 3
That first McKay ‘Mk1’ was the ‘Grey Pussy’, owned for many years by Jaguar Australia, Chris Haigh and now David Bowden. All three of those cars where modified and prepared at Browns Lane for racing.
Of course, ‘Mk1’s were raced by Mike Hawthorn, Briggs Cunningham, Coombs, Sopwith and other legends – so in edition #186 we are going to focus on the ‘Mk1’, and hopefully help our readers appreciate it all the more, and help preserve some of the finer examples.
An original 2.4 or 3.4 Litre in good condition is a total rarity – but if you do find one they can be bought for ‘peanuts’ compared to XK120s, E-Types and even most XJs.
We will have eight pages of fascinating words – and pics you have mostly never seen before.
In the meanwhile, edition #185 is about to go up in digital format on iTunes, Magzter and Amazon.
There’s lots to look forward to from Jaguar Magazine and if you have suggestions about cars or stories – let me know, please.


February 8, 2017
January was yet another excellent month in the UK for Jaguar, its sales rise of 20 per cent outpacing the market’s 11 per per cent gain. Much of the additional volume is coming from the F-PACE, yet the brand’s two youngest saloons are also doing well. The larger of those, the XF, has had some updates for model year 2017 and an estate will be added for MY2018.
Even the Germans are buying Jaguars
Worldwide, it was a record January for Jaguar, retail sales reaching 13,949 vehicles, up 76 per cent, compared to January 2016. The company notes not only the obvious factor of the F-PACE, which is now its best seller, but also strong demand for the XF and especially its long-wheelbase XFL derivative which is made only in China.
You don’t often hear about English brand cars being popular in Germany. Things are changing, especially with the XF having beaten the Mercedes-Benz E-Class to win its size segment in the annual Golden Steering Wheel awards. The accolade was a big shot in the arm for this E-premium model and sales now reflect that. Jaguar registrations soared by 75 per cent in 2016 to 8,713 cars, from 4,987 in 2015. Jaguar might have had a terrific 2016 but it remains a small brand, moving from 30th place in the sales charts to 28th, slipping past Subaru and DS. It was still a long way behind Jeep (27th, 14,782) and Land Rover (26th, 22,799).
Wagons for the D and E segments with which it could face the C-Class Estate and E-Class Estate, plus a five-door C segment hatchback to chip away at the Audi A3 Sportback with, could pull this brand into the mainstream in Europe’s number one market. More on that shortly.
China: first, catch Infiniti
Sales in China as listed by CAAM are for locally made models only, so Jaguar is a recent addition for the Association’s data crunchers. The market rose by 14 per cent to 28.03 million vehicles, but you have to look a long way down the charts to find Jaguar. It’s in 69th position, with 5,644 vehicles delivered. All of these were the XFL which went into production at the Chery-JLR factory in the city of Changshu during August. So a good result for a brand which has had only minimal visibility in this giant, crowded market.
The good news for Jaguar China is that XFL sales have increased month-on-month, with the total for December being 1,618. This placed the brand in position 66, ahead of DS, which makes multiple vehicles in the country, none of which is successful. Numbers by model for January have yet to be released.
Some perspective on how far Jaguar has to climb can be seen if we look at other premium brands’ locally made models’ totals for December:
Infiniti: 2,972 cars & SUVs
Borgward: 5,556 SUVs
Land Rover 6,566 SUVs
Volvo: 7,783 cars and SUVs
Jeep: 14,246 SUVs
Cadillac: 15,108 sedans
BMW: 26,437 sedans, minivans & SUVs
Audi: 27,063 sedans & SUVs
Mercedes-Benz: 34,582 sedans & SUVs


February 6, 2017
What’s smaller than F? Why, E, of course! Jaguar already told us that much when it rolled out the XE to slot in below the XF sedan. And now it’s about to do it again with the crossover you see here, however disguised though it may still be.
Spotted out in the wild by our de-facto Colorado spy, Brett Borgard, is a camouflaged prototype for the forthcoming Jaguar E-Pace – the smaller brother to the F-Pace that took Leaping Cat marque into the crossover market for the first time.
Tipped to launch this summer, the E-Pace will be Jaguar’s assault on the likes of the Audi Q3, BMW X1, and Mercedes GLA in the increasingly competitive market for compact luxury crossovers. It’s a market so vital, in fact, that this will essentially be the third distinct model that JLR will launch into the segment, joining the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque.
Long content to let its sister brand handle the off-roaders, Jaguar has evidently found – much like Bentley, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo – that it can’t stay out of the crossover any longer. The F-Pace and E-Pace are expected to be followed by the electric-powered I-Pace, and we won’t be at all surprised to see a J-Pace cap the range as well to take on the big boys further up the market in the coming years.


February 6, 2017
jaguar 1
If you ever wanted to see the obvious difference between the way Group 44 and TWR built their Group C and IMSA V12 Jaguar race cars – this is a good way to do that.
Bob Tullius ran at Le Mans in 1984 and 85 for Jaguar and was hoping Jaguar would buy his chassis’ for to TWR to run.
Tom Walkinshaw wasn’t having that though, and (correctly) sold Jaguar Cars on the idea that his chassis was far more suitable to win Le Mans and the World Sportswear Championship.
jaguar 2
Bob Tullius was using the older riveted aluminium tub, while TWR had moved on to composite fibre one-piece tubs which were lighter, stiffer and much more ‘today’s’ technology.
Here is a shot I took at Browns Lane in 2010 of one of the Le Mans Group 44 racers being restored, and the other is in 1987 showing the TWR chassis in the pits at Silverstone.
Of course, TWR would take over the U.S. operations of Jaguar’s racing program in 1988 and immediately win the Daytona 24 Hours race – and again in 1990.
Tom was in his best form then.


February 4, 2017


The Jaguar F-Pace is an impressive SUV. Don’t believe me? Take one for a spin, because it’ll make you a believer. While the available supercharged 3.0 litre V6 is a blast, Jaguar’s about to do one better by blessing the F-Pace with a 550 horsepower heart transplant.
People familiar with the F-Type probably already know where the new engine is coming from. It’s a fire-breathing supercharged V8 from the company’s SVO division. Road & Track says Jaguar’s already testing prototypes, with the possibility the new engine could join the F-Pace lineup later this year.
Car & Driver says it heard the same engine will be dropped in the Jaguar XE sedan. That would make it a legitimate BMW M3 killer. Reportedly, that decision hasn’t been finalized like the one for the F-Pace.
Apparently, the company’s plan to push for electrified models could pose a problem, because a big V-8 engine stuffed in a small sedan would seem hypocritical. I say do it, blow the doors off the M3, and work on an all-electric XE.
At least Jaguar will be giving us a supercharged V8 for the F-Pace. You know, so you can be sure to get the kids to footy practice on time.


February 4, 2017
Criminals have driven off with an estimated £3 million in engines from Jaguar Land Rover’s Solihull plant in an astonishing film-style heist. Both Jaguars and Land Rovers at built there.
A suspected stolen HGV lorry was used to steal the huge haul of expensive car parts in just a few minutes on Tuesday night.
It is understood the audacious heist took place in full view of security cameras.
Police are now hunting the gang behind the theft which insiders say has left management and staff ‘stunned’.
A JLR spokesman said: “We can confirm that we are working closely with West Midlands Police to investigate the theft of engines from the Solihull manufacturing plant.
“A reward is on offer to anyone who has information which leads to the successful recovery of these engines.
“It would be inappropriate for us to make any further comment whilst this investigation is ongoing.”
Insiders say the stolen 40 tonne lorry arrived at the Solihull Lode Lane depot at 10.30pm on Tuesday and entered through the security-manned D1 gate.
The HGV then drove to the Lagoons depot and hooked up to a trailer containing the car engines, before driving out.
Sources claim the criminals obtained paperwork from the site before leaving – making their escape easier.
Sources claim the first theft took just SIX MINUTES.
The stolen lorry is believed to have unloaded in the Coventry area.
Incredibly, the same lorry is believed to returned to the factory a couple of hours later before hooking up another trailer and driving off with more car engines.
A source said: “They just hooked up the trailers. They were in and out in just six minutes with the first theft. The whole place is in uproar about it.”
West Midlands Police said in a statement: “Police are appealing for any information in relation to a large scale theft of Jaguar Land Rover engines in Coventry.
“It is believed the engines were stolen from the Damson Lane site in Tile Hill sometime between late night Tuesday 31 January and the early hours of Wednesday 1 February.
“An articulated truck is believed to have entered the site twice, each time hooking up to trailers carrying the engines and then leaving again through the gate.
“The empty stolen trailers have since been located.