January 11, 2018

Jaguar Land Rover Australia will more than double the size of its headquarters this year, when it will, for the first time, merge its sales and marketing office with a training academy in a new facility near Sydney airport (not the image seen here which is Jaguar Land Rover’s HQ in China).

It has for the last decade shared a business park with Volvo, and more recently Kia, 15km north- west of Sydney’s CBD and 25km from its new premises.  Originally it was the headquarters of Ford PAG (Premier Automotive Group) which included Jaguar, Aston Martin and Volvo.  However JLR’s technical training centre was positioned further west, in Parramatta, and was also a shared facility.

According to JLR Australia managing director Matthew Wiesner it made no sense to continue with two sites. We’ve currently had a very separated training facility away from head office here in North Ryde, it has been adequate but not what you would call a very premium environment or advanced given the brands that we have,” Mr Wiesner told GoAuto. “Now we’re bringing everything together, our head office and our training academy. The location is close to the airport, given we have a lot of people coming in from around the country, because movements from the airport to where the training academy is now is another hour or so on the road, and that’s not a great experience for those coming in for various programs. It also gives a presence that we don’t currently have from a commercial perspective. We should be projecting a fairly strong premium presence with the brands that we have, and currently we’re a bit hidden here in North Ryde, and the training academy is hidden out there (in Parramatta).

We should be delivering a much stronger presence for JLR, as this will do so. It’s way overdue from a technical perspective.” JLR Australia has also doubled employee numbers within its current headquarters, from 50 to 100 over the past three years in line with sales growth.

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January 9, 2018

As the automotive industry moves towards 5G,  Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are taking steps towards ultra-fast connectivity with an announcement at CES  2018, in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer electronics show.

Every future Jaguar or Land Rover is set to benefit from the highly advanced QualcommⓇ SnapdragonTM  820Am Automotive platform. With this, Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will feature ultra-quick and efficient connectivity, limitless in-car entertainment and over-the-air downloads. Customers will also benefit from immersive in-vehicle experiences with stunning displays and graphics throughout. This new platform has been designed to increase vehicle intelligence and awareness to aid road safety.


CES offers a glimpse of Jaguar Land Rover’s high-tech future, showcasing technologies that will enhance our customers’ experiences. This new exciting relationship with Qualcomm Technologies is a great example. The new Snapdragon 820Am Automotive platform will play an integral role in bringing breakthrough 5G technology to future cars, improving connectivity, safety and personalisation.

Nick Rogers
Executive Director, Product Engineering for Jaguar Land Rover


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January 9, 2018

As mentioned yesterday, one of the highlights of our coming edition is that on long forgotten Briggs Cunningham engineering a race team manager guru Alfred Momo.

The softy spoken Italian-born engineer was often called a genius in an era when that word was not thrown around lightly.

In our research we found this brilliant image in our photographic library, and it is worth revealing here as it is intriguing.

The date was October 23, 1960.  The car is the one-off E-Type racing prototype, E2A, the place is Laguna Seca and the people are Bruce McLaren and Alfred Momo!  What a combination of people, car and place!

Briggs Cunningham officially raced the car for Jaguar at Le Mans that year, after which he had there factory replace the 3.0 litre engine with a 3.8, and took it to the U.S. for the rest of the season.  Momo was in charge of the car, of course, and Jack Brabham also raced it in the U.S.

That gives you a tiny taste of what is in store for the Alfred Momo tribute.

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January 7, 2018

Here are a couple of shots off my phone because it has just arrived in our driveway, and is very keenly anticipated.

Yes, it is the new four cylinder F-Type Convertible, and having driven all the models in the range from the unholy SVR supercharged V8 to this one – I have to say I am truly looking forward to living with it.

It is had just one brief outing in my hands, and at first I thought it might be bit of a pretend sports car.  However, when I got the chance to look for some performance – there is plenty!

The full report is coming up in edition #191.

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January 7, 2018

For some editions we have planned a tribute to the tiny man, often labelled as an engineering genius, Alfred Momo, who was born in Italy, emigrated to the US with his wife, ran his own engineering business in Queens, New York, and from 1949 managed all of the legendary Briggs Cunningham’s racing activities.

However, I had good idea about Alfred, but have been massively surprised by how much more there was to the man, and how much Jaguar learned from him – including the 3.8 litre XK engine – which he built and raced before the factory.  I was very fortunate to meet Briggs at his closed  museum in 1988, but which still had quite a few of his cars there including his Long Nose D-Type.  He was enormously modest, self effacing and quite (he and his wife being declared the richest couple in the world when they married), and Alfred Momo was exactly the same.

This is undoubtedly the reason Alfred at least, has been as good as forgotten!

However, he was also appointed, by new East Coast (USA) distributor Briggs, in 1955, as the official Jaguar dealer for New York, and together they built a massive on premises on Long Island to service, prepare for sale, sell, and repair Jaguars (and Maserati) for the entire eastern half of the US.

He prepared all of the Cunningham team cars including two works-loaned Long Nose D-Types, the unique E2A and three Lightweight E-Types in the Queens, building.  Today it is totally unloved, unknown and closing in on dereliction!!!

His wife Mary was the Cunningham team’s ‘mother’ and timekeeper, but what happened to them?

Believe me, we have worked hard to find that out and we will publish it all for the first time anywhere – the full story on the great Alfredo Momo.

It is gobsmacking – and long overdue!

It is the first feature in our coming edition

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January 4, 2018

As an important addition to our most recent post, which highlights the superb ex-works and Ecurie Ecosse D-Type, XKD603, neither I nor the owner, Clive Beecham, know anything about the American who bought the car from Ecurie Ecosse late in 1959 – as the 1957 Le Mans winner!

In fact, it was second, but nothing seems to have happened about that piece of deceit by Ecurie Ecosse head, David Murray.

Munro owned and beautifully looked after the car and all of its paperwork and parts, until 1973 when the car returned to the UK.

We don’t know where Mr Munro and the car lived, if he is still around – or anything at all about him.

I would be thrilled if anyone knows of him or remembers the car when he owned it.

It is seen here in its very last race which was at Goodwood.  It is being driven by the twice Ecurie Ecosse D-Type Le Mans winner Ron Flockhart.  The date is September 5, 1959.

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January 4, 2018

It is good reveal that the cover feature of our first edition of 2018 stars XKD603 – the 1956 works and Ecurie Ecosse Long Nose D-Type which ran in four consecutive Le Mans classics, and finished second behind its sister car there in 1957.

It only ever raced as a factory entry or a factory-prepared (for Le Mans) Ecurie Ecosse car.

It is one of only six genuine Long Nose D-Types to survive of the 11 built, and remarkably is totally original having spent many years in the US, and now back in the UK.

This is a rare opportunity, and privilege to be able to the publish the hallowed history built into a car like this one – and it has NEVER been messed with!

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December 31, 2017

We could see the company’s new flagship in 2019.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding the XJ, Jaguar’s flagship model. Some sources claim it will morph into an electric crossover, while others believe it will get the bullet because it persistently struggles to keep up with its German rivals. The answer lies somewhere in between.

“We’ve gone through a lot of debate on the XJ and come up with something quite special. I won’t say when it’s coming but it’s not next year,” Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design director, told British magazine Car in a recent interview.

He declined to go into more specific details. We still don’t know whether the XJ (pictured) will continue to offer powerful gasoline-burning engine and a traditional three-box body style. However, he noted the project is nearly signed off, meaning we’ll soon see test mules criss-crossing the globe.

Callum also talked about what the future holds for Jaguar in terms of electrification. The skateboard-like platform designed to underpin the upcoming I-Pace is modular, but he can’t see the brand building a sports car on it.

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December 31, 2017

This is a message from us with has nothing to do with Jaguar, or this magazine.

I, and for hard working team, are wishing you and yours a very happy and enjoyable personal new year.

2018 promises much for Jaguar – but Jaguar is looking after itself and doing a good job about it.

Instead, this message is to you.  We hope your health, your wealth, and most importantly, your family, thrive in the year ahead.

Good luck to us all

Les. Hughes




December 21, 2017
It is that wonderful time again when we can look forward to relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends.
That could mean Christmas on the beach or in the snow – it doesn’t matter because we send our best thoughts to everyone.
We also wish you a wonderful 2018, and in Jaguar terms we know it is going to very exciting.
Enjoy it all and in all the good ways you want to.