This intriguing image has just appeared and comes from an official open library source.

It is fascinating, and research shows it was taken in the Sydney park at Bronte beach in 1939.

We don’t know who the six young ladies are, or why they are with the S.S.1 Four Light saloon – complete with stylish optional ACE wheel discs and a very bad front type!

We also can’t identify the car as there is no restoration plate or any distinguishing marks.

Remarkably enough, those beach shelters remain and are virtually identical today, but the hill behind is all housing.

Can anyone tell us anything more about this image and its content?

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Our latest edition has now hit the streets in hard copy, and is also on the way to every subscriber’s mail box.

No two editions are alike, of course, and some take more effort to create than others – but this one has taken perhaps the most effort, yet is the most satisfying.

We are very proud to present the ten page feature highlighting Clive Beecham’s ex-works and Ecurie Ecosse Long Nose D-Type XKD603.  It the most original D-Type in existence (in our opinion) finished second at Le Mans in 1957 behind the sister Ecurie Ecosse D-Type – and started in Le Mans four races in a row!  That’s the most of any Jaguar.

Then there is the gorgeous V12 XJ-C belonging to Lance Quartermaine.  It is rare, pristine and was self-restored by an enthusiast in Perth, Western Australia over a three year period.

Jaguar has never built a four cylinder sports car for public sale – until now.  We test drive and live with the four cylinder F-Type Convertible and discover a real surprise package.

Not to forget Alfred Momo – a name your may have heard of in conjunction with Briggs Cunningham.  However, nothing has been documented about him that I have found, and that is a huge shame.  So we spent weeks investigating the Italian/American, his family, his engineering genius, his relationship with Briggs Cunningham – and found he and Briggs even owned and operated the official new car sales business in New York, and also its entire service and spare parts.

These are just teasers too of what is in the entire edition #191.

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As they say, ‘we never sleep’, and today, with our Road Test Editor, and former racer, Tristan Hughes at the wheel, we look our newest test Jaguar to a quiet part of the world in perfect and sunny conditions to impart the vision of the current Jaguar model, for a major feature in our next edition.
We took hundreds of shots, but here is just one to tease.
Remember, this is the same model we drove 5000 kilometres to outback Broken Hill, and back – but this one is a diesel engine, and not petrol as was the car we drove to BH.
It makes an interesting comparison!
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This sprawling site, which is already home to Jaguar Land Rover, is poised to grow even bigger delivering up to 2,700 more jobs and attracting £600m worth of investment.

The latest 100-acre extension to the i54 would cut into on green belt land surrounding the site to the north of Wolverhampton.

Plans for the development of the first 60 acres of land – owned by Wolverhampton council – between Wobaston Road, Pendeford Hall Lane and the current i54 site are expected to go before South Staffordshire District Council in the spring.

If passed the combined Wolverhampton and Staffordshire councils plan will deliver an estimated 1,500 jobs in high value manufacturing and a million sq ft of space.

The other 40 acres, owned by Severn Trent’s Midlands Land Portfolio, is to be part of a separate application at a later date.


Wolverhampton council’s cabinet member for city economy, councillor John Reynolds, said: “Demand is high for more accommodation from potential investors and the western extension will enable us to deliver that for the benefit of local residents and businesses.”

“i54 is one of the UK’s premier advanced manufacturing business parks. Our joint investment at i54 has secured hundreds of millions of pounds of further investment and has brought thousands of jobs to the area with circa 40 per cent of employers living within a 10-mile radius.”

Councillor Philip Atkins, the leader of Staffordshire County Council, added: “i54 South Staffordshire will play a vital part in the Midlands Engine and in the growing productivity of Staffordshire and out neighbours.

“With the i54 built up so quickly it shows there is demand for sites like this in the area. This site will be important locally, regionally and nationally.

“We are looking to deliver high value better paid jobs through this project.”

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The AutoBest award ceremony was held in Salzburg for the first time. The judging panel consisted of 31 journalists from 31 countries. Jaguar Land Rover was awarded as the company of the year by AutoBest, the biggest automotive expert jury in Europe.

 AutoBest’s international panel of experts honoured the two brands’ impressive level of growth and solid financial results despite challenging economic conditions, as well as the introduction of innovative and appealing products. Prof. Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, accepted the CompanyBest-Award in the festival theatre with great pleasure.
Currently, Jaguar Land Rover has more than 43,000 employees globally and provides circa 240,000 more jobs within their network of dealers, suppliers and the local economy. Apart from production sides in the UK, Jaguar Land Rover has plants in China, Brazil, India and Slovakia, as well as commissioned production at Magna Steyr in Austria.
In 2017, Jaguar Land Rover sold 621,109 cars in 130 countries. Hereby, over 80% of all produced cars were exported.
From 2020 all new Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be electrified giving customers more choice. Jaguar Land Rover will roll out a portfolio of fully electric, plug-in and mild-hybrid models, in order to provide their customers additional options. The first fully battery-electric powered model, the Jaguar I-PACE, will be on the market in summer 2018.

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